Some Great Tips for Beginner Golfers You Should Know About

anh cho golf

Hello everyone, my name is Joan.

My dad and I played golf when I was 13 years old. And 10 years later both are still fascinated with golf. For a newbie, you will surely have many questions when you begin to learn about golf. Hopefully, this article will help you answer the questions in the early stages of getting used to the game.

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You will need to equip yourself with golf clubs and accessories to start practicing polishing. Regular golfers should start practicing swing with iron sticks 8 or 7 but will soon need other sticks to practice different shots.

A full set of clubs has a total of 14 sticks and before you go on the golf course you will need to grasp the basic shots like tee shots by driver, wooden and iron sticks, chips around the green, hit out of sand traps, so it’s necessary to equip yourself with a set of sticks. Golf clubs also come in a variety of styles and are designed for players of different levels.

Depending on the speed of each player, but basically the lighter and softer clubs will be friendlier and easier to start than heavier and harder sticks.

The first pitch will be extremely memorable and a frequently asked question is how long will training to be able to play? The answer completely depends on the frequency of your workout.

You should only be on the golf course when you can perform the basic shots as mentioned above to avoid surprise and affect the other golfers in the group of golfers behind. Usually when you first join you will need 3-4 months to get acquainted and master the main techniques, and this time will fluctuate depending on the hard work of each individual.

You should not practice for a whole year before going to the golf course, because playing will help you see the difference between hitting the ball on the training ground and playing golf on the field and this is necessary for practice.

Before you go on the golf course, take a hard to learn a little about golf rules and rules of conduct on the course. Sometimes the people you play in the group will be afraid to remind you and they will also be uncomfortable if you continue to make mistakes, simply as you step on their putt on the green.

Equipping yourself with these basic knowledge shows your respect for those who play in the group and with golf. Only then are you a true golfer and certainly, other golfers will respect you as well.

Hopefully, these experiences will help you get started playing golf more easily