How To Update The Ceiling By Painting With Paint Sprayer

ceiling painting

If you have decided to use paint for finishing walls and ceilings it’s one of the best ways to get the good-looking and long-lived surfaces. But only with a paint sprayer, you will enjoy high quality painted ceiling with a minimum of time, money and nerves spent. How to prepare the ceiling? What paint to choose? How to paint the ceiling with a paint sprayer? Find the answers below.

Choose the right tools

Painting quality depends on the preparatory work quality, properly selected paint and tools, and the master’s skills.

You will need:

Safety notes:

In the room where the ceiling will be painted, you must turn off the devices with an open flame and provide good ventilation by opening windows and doors.

Preparation for painting

Painting surface preparation

To prepare the ceiling for painting you are recommended to go through four steps.

Step 1. Remove the old paint layers. If the ceiling was whitewashed, you need to wash lime carefully with suds. Water-based paint must be moistened. Make a draft in the room by opening windows and doors. Remove the paint from the entire surface using a spatula.

Step 2. Then apply a primer aimed for deep penetration. Perhaps you will need to do it twice. Each layer will get dry in approximately 4 hours.

Step 3. Fill gaps using a special mesh. Level the surface with a thin layer of the final putty. Let it dry.

Pay attention! Puttying of the ceiling is necessary. Not removed obtrusive areas and hollows will occur on the surface after painting.

Step 4. The ground of the puttied flat surface.

Take care of yourself

While painting with a paint sprayer microparticles of the paint fill the air and can accumulate on the mucous membranes of the eyes, lungs, nose, and throat, trachea. If you do not use protection, your health is in danger. All parts of the body must be covered with clothing, gauze, or a respirator and goggles.

All the furniture should be carried out or covered with plastic film as well as the floor, windows, and doors in order to protect them from paint drops. Disable chandeliers and lamps and remove them. If you are not going to paint the walls, they also need to be covered with polyethylene film.

Is the paint ready?

It is important to know how to paint the ceiling in the premises of different functional purpose with a paint sprayer. The choice of paint is also influenced by your personal preferences and financial capabilities.

Living rooms. Ideal paint for the bedroom, living room and children room ceilings will be matt dispersion or emulsion paint. These paints are able to hide the surface defects, preserving the original appearance for a long time. Applying water-based paint with a paint sprayer is rather quick and easy work. The result is excellent.

Kitchen and bathroom. For these rooms, you will need paint with excellent resistance to aggressive environments. Emulsion paints, acrylic-vinyl-based, or acrylic-based paints perfectly resist dirt and water. These paints don’t have a strong smell, and they dry quickly.

Also, you can use latex acrylic-based paints but you will need a professional paint sprayer so read instructions for your device carefully in order to know which paints are permitted to use in it.

Silicate paints are perfect for the mineral plaster, concrete, brick. This type of paint is characterized by good moisture resistance, elasticity, anti-fungal properties. Silicate paint is a good choice for the bathroom ceiling.

Silicone paint combines the best qualities of all the other paints. Using this kind of paint, you can disguise cracks up to 2 mm wide. This paint has a maximum performance of microorganisms, fungi, and moisture resistance.

Fill the paint sprayer tank with prepared paint to make a test spray. Properly prepared paint falls on surfaces evenly and does not clog the tool’s nozzle.

Steady, ready, go!

The ceiling is not the most convenient place to work with paint. Mechanical paint sprayers can be used for painting the walls when you are standing firmly on the floor. Paint sprayer of the professional and semi-professional line is suitable for ceiling painting.

The main requirement while painting is even painted application. Select the proper distance from the sprayer to the ceiling (10-60 cm). It is necessary to keep this distance during the process.

The tip has to be directed perpendicular to the painted surface.

Pay attention! Don’t stay for long in one place otherwise, you will get a thick paint layer and it will start to flow. Hasty movements will cause uneven painting.

Start the work near the walls and spray paint with successive movements and moving parallel to the other wall. When you have finished painting one lane, proceed to the next. Before applying the next layer, let the painted surface get dry.

After finishing your paint sprayer has to be washed in solvent liquid. The device should be clean because paint residues can cause the sprayer damage.

Now you can enjoy the updated and fresh look of your interior.

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