How To Cut Wide Boards With Miter Saw?

In DIY jobs, cutting wide boards is no easy task. While the miter saw is one of the best tools for cutting materials, it also needs to be done correctly. So, how to cut wide boards with a miter saw? Follow through to the very end for the best tutorials and tips we share!

How To Cut Wide Boards With a Miter Saw?

You can easily cut wide boards with a miter saw by following these steps:

  • Prepare miter saw
  • Measure and mark
  • Pay attention to safety measures
  • Make the cuts

The wide boards are not easy to cut. Although the miter saw is a handy tool, you may encounter some difficulties. The four simple steps above can lead to the perfect wide boards for you.

To do it properly, observe the following detailed step-by-step analysis.

1. Prepare miter saw

The tool that plays a decisive role in creating wide boards is the miter saw. This saw is now available in 3 variants, including sliding, compound, and standard miter saw. Each type of variation will have different uses and stages.

If you own a sliding miter saw, then the cut wide board is straightforward to complete. Its features will assist you in cutting long planks to the maximum. A sliding miter saw can double the effectiveness when you work with planks.

In contrast, standard and compound miter saws will limit steam when cutting wide boards. You can make precise and angular cuts with them.

However, wide boards will do best and fastest when you use a sliding miter saw.

2. Measure and mark

Measuring and marking are essential, especially if you are a newbie to miter saws. Measure and mark will give you the exact results you want. Experienced people often skip this step. However, most will do the measurement.

I’m sure you don’t want to, after hard work cutting the board, but it doesn’t have the proper measurements. You can even create skewed cuts without markings.

My suggestion is that you should measure carefully. Then you can use crayons or markers to write down the necessary symbols. Some are more professional. You can use a laser.

3. Pay attention to safety measures

After you have defined the size of the wide boards you want, you should protect yourself. I agree that miter saws are safer than some other saws. But you will still be in danger if you are careless.

The best thing is to avoid them with protective gear. You wear goggles, a mask, a face shield, earplugs, and gloves. During the cutting of the material, debris may fly towards you.

In addition, you need to note some safety points when using a miter saw:

  • Fix the wood in a straight line and firmly on the fence. You can use some additional tools to fix the material, such as a clamp.
  • Allow the miter saw to rotate at full speed before starting to cut.
  • Ensure a safe distance between you and the saw when operating, usually at least 6 inches.

4. Make the cuts

In this step, you need to carefully observe before lowering the saw blade to cut the material. Every wrong cut leads to failure.

As mentioned above, you can use your hands or clamps to fix the material on the miter saw. It will make sure your every cut is precise.

It would help if you made sure that the saw blade aligns with the lines you marked. If you use a laser during this phase, you should make sure that the laser is pointing in the correct position.

After adjusting the material and saw blade to the correct position or turn on the saw and wait for the saw blade to reach the highest speed. Then lower the saw blade so that it comes into contact with the board and makes cuts.

The subsequent cuts you make are similar to the first cuts. Do them calmly and accurately.

What Do You Should Keep In Mind To Cut Wide Boards?

Making cuts on wide boards with a miter saw is pretty straightforward. But to achieve the best results, you have to refer to the following notes.

Use a sharp saw blade

Surely a sharp saw blade can give you faster cuts. Many people know that dull saw blades can burn wood. To ensure the best plank, using a piercing saw blade is the correct choice.

Wait for the saw blade to reach full speed before starting

Many people who use a miter saw often ignore this note. As a result, they often experience kickback when cutting materials. This phenomenon is hazardous and can cause injury.

Therefore, you need to wait a few seconds for the saw blade to reach maximum speed before cutting. Not only is it safe, but cuts are also faster.

Choose the right saw blade

Each type of material will be suitable for a particular type of saw blade. You cannot use a regular saw blade for tough wood. The results obtained are not feasible.

Stop the saw blade before lifting

When cutting materials with a miter saw, many people often raise the saw blade right after the cut is complete. The saw blade is still spinning at this point and can cause a lot of damage to the board.

The best thing after the saw blade cuts through the material is that you should stop it. Then lift the saw blade off the material. It will be better for both you and the board.


Maybe your first wide board cut isn’t perfect with a miter saw. But I believe that after taking our tips and notes you can do better. I hope that the sharing in this article is helpful to you. Thanks for reading!

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