How to Build Bearded Dragon Habitat Properly

The bearded dragon is a genus of common reptiles originating from Australia, also known as Pogona. The species is enthusiastically loved by many pets.

Bearded dragons are recommended for those who are just starting to keep reptiles as they do not require a lot of care and strict habitat for this reptile, but you should know that that doesn’t mean they easy to take care of. Reptiles, in general, have specific care requirements.

One of the first things to take care of them is a tank with supplies and accessories, so let’s find an answer to the question: “How To Build Bearded Dragon Habitat”

6 Steps To Build Bearded Dragon Habitat

  1. Set Up Space

First, you need to set up space.

The easiest way to do this is to use an old cupboard or other wooden crates that are at least 4 ′ x 2 ′ x 2 ′ in size.

Then remove the pieces inside with hammer, screwdriver, and other tools.

Your goal is to create an empty box space.

You won’t need to do anything for it at this point, but you need to decide how the cage will be oriented.

Use the opening for the top or use the opening for the front.

  1. Shape Insulation Boards

Visualize the shape inside the cage in your head or sketch it out.

Plank is cut and used to create different floors such as floors or just different places to climb.

Use your box cutter to cut and plan the boards the way you want.

If you need to attach the panels firmly, use a strong adhesive.

Alternatively, use stacked cut planks to create stairs.

You should also cover the sides of the cage with insulation.

This is not for the looks, but it will help keep the cage warm.


This is also where you may want to use spray foam to give the space a solid look.

Just remember, a little spray will go a long way.

  1. Paint

Pour 3-4 layers of mortar over the foam inside and the bottom of the cage.

Mortar is applied according to specific brand instructions.

Make sure you spend a lot of time between each layer to allow it to set up.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Rubbing adhesive helps to change the texture of the insulation for a more natural look.

It also helps seal the insulation and prevents the bearded dragon from accidentally ingesting it.

Choose a mortar color that matches the rugged look you might desire.

Use non-toxic paints to make it look more natural.

Paint two layers, and it will start to look pretty cool.

  1. Install Top

Use a box cutter or a small jigsaw puzzle to cut a rectangle on top.

The size of the hole depends on what you’re using the vertex for, but the larger top will make it easier for you to go in and get the bearded dragon.

If you are cutting the upper part for access instead of using the front panel as access, you need to make sure there is some sort of peg.

Bearded dragons are excellent fugitive artists.

Attach the glue hinges to the acrylic side and screw the other side.

Then overlay the paper or remove it temporarily while you finish the exterior.

  1. Outside

Using paint and primer of your preference, finish painting the outside of the cage.

Be sure not to get any toxic paints on the inside of the enclosure.

If there rough edges, you may also want to sand them down before you paint.

  1. Install accessories

After complete your tank, choose some supplies for your tank is crucial, from a heat lamp to a thermometer. Moreover, you should prepare some bleach to clean for your tank in the future.

Finally, enjoy your result with a perfect tank.


As lizard enthusiasts, we know that you can’t wait to build the purest habitat for your bearded dragon. We know your lizard deserves to be loved; So we hope we’ve broken down enough instructive steps to help make things easy.

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