Do Pugs Fight A Lot?

Planning to buy a Pug for a sweet companion, but wondering, “Do Pugs fight alot?” If the answer is yes, then why and how to stop them? Believe it or not, preventing a fight between pugs owners is quite simple! Read and learn more about it with us!

Do Pugs Fight A Lot?

Pugs usually look petite, friendly, and easy-going. Sometimes they can be a bit silly to the point that owners may doubt their intelligence and ponder on “pugs are they smart?”. However, contrary to their harmless appearance, they can become extremely aggressive and may fight a lot!

Why Do Pugs Fight A Lot?

Pugs can become violent for many reasons, such as habitat change or old age. Besides, keep in mind that pugs’ temperaments will vary greatly depending on training and genetics!

We will list some of the most common reasons below. Please carefully read and notice your babies!

Anxiety & Fear

A pug with persistent mental problems will lead to a change in its behavior and temperament. Often, pugs that have been worried for a long time will become more negative and hostile, and conflicts between pugs occur as a result.

Pugs’ psychological problems may come from changing habitats, different food, new owners, or lack of attention from owners.

Access To Resources

Sometimes pugs also fight over food, water, toys, sleeping areas, or even attention from their masters. Influenced by one of the factors listed above and their desire to monopolize those resources will lead to a battle.

Therefore, it would be best if you prepare enough food, water, and other necessary stuff for each of them.

Lack Of Socialization

Pugs need to be free to run around in open spaces and socialize with other dogs for at least an hour per day. Specifically, keeping pugs at home for a long time can cause them to change in personality and become aggressive.

We encourage you to get your babies out of the house at least once a day to put them in the best mood!

However, how to stop the battle between the Pugs? Continue reading to see the methods to stop this aggression and bring back your gentle Pugs!

How To Stop Pugs Fight?

Here are ways that will help you prevent a fight between pugs. But please note that this is only a way to stop the war while it is happening, not in the long run. For long-term prevention, appropriate training methods are essential!

Make Loud Noise

Loud noises can distract dogs from their battles. Thus, you should buy yourself an air whistle, which can sound loud enough to startle and distract them.

Remember not to scream because shouting will only make them more agitated. This can even lead to bad consequences!

Spray Your Pugs

Spraying your pugs is also one of the good methods you should try. In detail, you can use water to spray, as pugs usually hate getting wet all of a sudden. It is best if you use a mixture of vinegar and water. If there is no vinegar, lemongrass essential oil is acceptable. Dogs’ noses are usually sensitive, so they hate strong odors like those.

Use A Leash

The simplest way to prevent a fight is using a leash. Remember that when pulling your pug away from an opponent with a leash, do it slowly. To be more specific, pulling hard can frighten your pug and make the opponent even more violent.


As we’ve mentioned above, Pugs are usually quite cute and sweet. If they suddenly start fighting violently, you should observe their behavior and signs carefully to find the best method to stop the fight as fast as possible.

Hope this article will be useful for you to answer the question “why do pugs fight a lot?” and be able to stop their aggressive act! For more useful information about your pet, check out this site!

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