Dartboards & Dart Games – The Only Types You Should Know About

playing darts

Darts is one of the most entertaining bar games today, that not only attracts the attention of young people but most of the ages love this kind of sport. So why do we call it a kind of sport?

Darts is an activity which requires at least 2 or more participants or considered competitors. These people will use a hand-sized arrow (the dart) to throw into a circular target, which is known as a dartboard. Those who score more are the winners.

Points are calculated using specific markers on the board and are randomly allocated across the board. Based on a general rule, that points increase towards the center of the board.

Originated in England and Ireland from the 1860s in the 19th century, today darts has become an entertaining sport and featured professional leagues around the world. There are probably few people who know that at first, the dart game simply used a small arrow to hit a target on a tree trunk or a wooden board. Based on this rule, people have created a non-standard model today.

The most recognized darts nowadays are the bristle dartboard and the electronic dartboard.

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Electronic dart board:

The electronic dart board is a brilliantly achievable start of the dartboard. Currently, the most popular type used in bars, pubs or a game loved by many families.

This board has lots of small holes for darts to enter. Accordingly, it can help you easily calculate points when competing against each other or use to play different types of dart games on this board.


  • It automatically keeps track of the score, which saves you time and effort
  • It is pre-loaded with a lot of games
  • It is designed with newbies in mind


  • It requires power to work, leading to some inconveniences
  • It is not as durable as bristle dartboards
  • Plastic boards make it likely for plastic tip darts to bounce out.

Bristle dart board:

This is the oldest and most popular board type. This board type is also the closest simulation to the dartboard since ancient times.


  • It requires little maintenance.
  • Compatible with quite popular steel arrows.


  • The bristle dartboard can fade over time due to its fiber content.
  • Its durability is greatly affected by environmental factors such as water, sunlight.

Hopefully, this article helped you distinguished the differences between traditional dartboard and electronic dartboard to have the best option for you, based on where you want to use them and what the purpose is.

Have fun and thank you for your attention.