Common Styles of Holding a Ping Pong Racket

To start practicing table tennis, it is very important to learn how to hold the ping pong racket properly.

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If you are an advanced player, changing to a different grip will help you change your playing style to be able to better your play. You can refer see these ping pong paddles for under $30.

The following are some of the grip styles commonly used by table tennis players.

Shakehand grip

The shaking hand is the most basic grip in table tennis. This grip is used frequently and is quite popular among players in the western region. And it is very suitable for beginners or people who are learning to play this sport.

With this style, there will be 2 grip styles, forehand, and backhand, for players to choose the style that suits them.

So how to hold this style properly? With a loose grip as shown below, you can see and hold the racket properly.

Basic penhold grip

The Basic penhold grip is more advanced than the shakehand grip and is considered more difficult than the basic shake grip. But it is still not the most difficult grip of the table tennis grips. With this style you can hold 2 styles as follows:

– Penhold grip china: first you use 2 index fingers and thumb to firmly grasp the handle of the racket. Then the remaining 3 fingers you spread evenly on the blade of the racket. 3 points of support of 3 hands-on the racket will help me increase the power of the racket when hitting the ball.

– Penhold grip japan: This style is different from the penhold china grip in that the remaining 2 fingers placed on the back of the racket are close together and in some cases may overlap. The fingers are kept close together for a little extra force which makes for an extremely powerful serve.

Seemiller grip

This method is rarely used by gamers, but you should also know to try to see if it suits your play style or not. This is similar to the shakehand grip, except that the index finger is placed on the other side of the paddle. With this style, many players use it to control the table tennis racket better.

Other grip styles for table tennis rackets

V grip: An improved version of the Penhold grip, it is replaced by a paddle grip of the index finger and thumb. Instead of holding the racquet handle, the index finger and thumb will be held in the paddle position and checked at a V-shaped angle.

Pistol grip: This style is modified from the shake hand grip. You can see this grip from the image below. And you must find out before using this type whether the rules of the game are held or not.


Above are some basic styles of how to hold a ping pong racket for players to refer to to apply to their own style of play. With each different grip, style will give you a different style, the advantages and disadvantages of each will also be different. Depending on your preferences and level, you can choose the right way to hold the racquet.

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