Best DIY Ideas This Summer For Kids You Should Know About

diy socks for your baby

Summer is still outside, and the Coronavirus crisis seems is not decreasing. In this article, team will give you five best DIY ideas for parents to create a fun time at home for their kids.

1 – DIY Story Stones 

This idea is perfect for kids who like drawing. Instead of drawing on paper, let them try to be creative and make up for different shapes of stones.

This DIY idea is literally for children from 4 years old. Parents can give their kids some ideas like A family of penguins, a garden of flowers with bees, and butterflies, or an ocean with variety fishes… Do not worry; the kids know what they should draw on stones. After finishing, let put these arts on windows, tables at home, or kids’ place, or in the garden, showing parents appreciation for their work. So next time, they will more excited about other projects between them and their parents.

2 – DIY Treasure Hunt 

Kids will love this idea, it reminds them about Easter egg hunting. But instead of eggs, summer treasure is more excited. It is just revealed if they can find where the wealth is.

Parents can create a simple map by name everything in the house or backyard as a part of an island. Give kids instruction and let them play a role like pirates or knights. Parents can create some challenges on the way to help their children do some physical exercises or brainstorming. This DIY idea is perfect for kids from seven to ten years old.

3 – DIY baby swings 

The DIY baby swings are not only ideal for the family has a small space but also for a house that has a backyard garden. It is a ton of different materials for a DIY baby swing. It also depends on the size and ages of their kids.

In our opinion, kids under four years old should have a swing with fabric and ropes; even if it is an inhouse baby swing or a baby swing for outdoor, please make sure the hooks and material are strong enough to hold their baby.

For kids over six or seven years old, a baby swing made by tires and ropes such as a DIY tree baby swing can increase their joy. Unfortunately, children are not helpful in this DIY project.

4 – DIY Colorful Fans 

Summer heat complaints will go away with these DIY colorful Fans. All we need here is sticks, paper and watercolors. For the sticks, we can use BBQ Sticks or Popsicle Sticks, which are around the corner. Drill a hole to keep them stick together in the bottom. Parents should let their kids color sticks in a different way they want. Let make some fruity fans or a flower garden fan by using watercolors to draw on the fan shape.

This idea is suitable for children over four years old, and it can become a DIY gift for friends or relatives.

With the four above ideas, we hope you can find some excellent and easy ideas to make them come true with your children, stay healthy and enjoy the time at home.

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