Can I Use Shampoo To Wash My Car?

Can I use shampoo to wash my car? This is a genuine question. Cleaning is an essential element of automobile maintenance since it keeps your car looking beautiful and extends the life of specific components.

When it comes to washing your automobile, there are a variety of cleaning chemicals to choose from, but shampoo is an excellent choice. Look for the best car wash shampoo in the markets if you want your car to look fantastic and have a pleasant cleaning experience.

The benefit of utilizing auto shampoo is that it is practical and straightforward when dealing with difficult stains. It is also gentle on your hands and the body of your automobile, causing no harm such as discoloration.

Let this article guide you on how to wash your car using shampoo correctly!

Can I Use Shampoo To Wash My Car?

Yes, a shampoo may be used to clean the automobile adequately. However, do not leave the shampoo on the automobile paint for too long. The reason for this is that the car’s paint may begin to fade. There are specific vehicle cleaning shampoos on the market that will get your automobile as clean as it should be. You may also use the shampoo that you have at home to wash your automobile. However, professional maintenance advice suggests that using good auto shampoo is a good idea.

Car shampoo is gentle on the paint and relatively inexpensive. Furthermore, the best product for washing a car at home should be chosen. It’s because you don’t want to have to repaint your automobile if it fades due to substandard supplies.

Choosing shampoo for your car might be difficult because of the number of alternatives available. Baby shampoo is a terrific alternative if you’re in a rush or don’t want to spend the additional money on specialist vehicle-detailing solutions. In addition, when adequately diluted, baby shampoo may dissolve accumulated grime without harming your paint or clear coat. This is a simple solution that will yield excellent results.

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What Are The Pros And Cons of Hair Shampoo Car Washing?


  • Easy to find: you’re likely to have extra shampoo and baking soda on hand.
  • Easy to use: simply combine it with water and wipe the surface with a microfiber towel.
  • It does an excellent job of cleaning dirt from the car’s bodywork as well as the wheels.


  • You must wash quickly since the longer it lingers on the outside, the more likely it will fade.
  • Hair products dry rapidly on a bright day, so wash your automobile in the shade or on an overcast day.
  • It doesn’t stay on for long. Hair products are supposed to be washed out as soon as possible. Therefore, it will not remain in your vehicle for an extended period.

How To Use Hair Shampoo To Wash Your Car

You should check the weather first before starting washing your automobile. Washing a car in the sun will cause the shampoo to dry faster, then it will leave ugly watermarks.

You could also use a hose to spray your outside to loosen up dirt and dust. This procedure does not need the use of sponges. Shampoo, water, a bucket, and baking soda are all needed.

Just stick with your regular auto washing procedure. Use half a cup of shampoo in a pail of water instead of car wash shampoo. It’s time to shine your automobile once you’ve completed your cleaning procedure. To shine up your chrome, combine the shampoo with a pinch of baking soda.

Allowing it to sit in your car paint for a long time is not a good idea. Rinse thoroughly and as soon as possible.

Please remember that shampoo isn’t designed for car washing. So, if a regular vehicle wash is available, you should use it instead of hair shampoo.

Even if it is more expensive, a regular vehicle wash will always be better than shampoo.

If you’re still in doubt, maybe this video may help you feel better: Can you wash a car with hair shampoo???


Now that you know the answer to the question: “Can I use shampoo to wash my car?” you have a clear understanding of the crucial points to remember when washing your automobile. If you want to wash your automobile in the morning or evening, do it in the morning or evening. Doing the laundry in the middle of the day can exhaust you fast and risk drying out the water, leaving soap on the surface.

And while we’re on the subject of shampoo, we recommend using a car wash shampoo to clean your vehicle thoroughly. Hair shampoo, as we’ve already said, may cause automobile paint to fade if misapplied. Check out Pressure Washer Master for more car washing tips!

Common Styles of Holding a Ping Pong Racket

To start practicing table tennis, it is very important to learn how to hold the ping pong racket properly.

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If you are an advanced player, changing to a different grip will help you change your playing style to be able to better your play. You can refer see these ping pong paddles for under $30.

The following are some of the grip styles commonly used by table tennis players.

Shakehand grip

The shaking hand is the most basic grip in table tennis. This grip is used frequently and is quite popular among players in the western region. And it is very suitable for beginners or people who are learning to play this sport.

With this style, there will be 2 grip styles, forehand, and backhand, for players to choose the style that suits them.

So how to hold this style properly? With a loose grip as shown below, you can see and hold the racket properly.

Basic penhold grip

The Basic penhold grip is more advanced than the shakehand grip and is considered more difficult than the basic shake grip. But it is still not the most difficult grip of the table tennis grips. With this style you can hold 2 styles as follows:

– Penhold grip china: first you use 2 index fingers and thumb to firmly grasp the handle of the racket. Then the remaining 3 fingers you spread evenly on the blade of the racket. 3 points of support of 3 hands-on the racket will help me increase the power of the racket when hitting the ball.

– Penhold grip japan: This style is different from the penhold china grip in that the remaining 2 fingers placed on the back of the racket are close together and in some cases may overlap. The fingers are kept close together for a little extra force which makes for an extremely powerful serve.

Seemiller grip

This method is rarely used by gamers, but you should also know to try to see if it suits your play style or not. This is similar to the shakehand grip, except that the index finger is placed on the other side of the paddle. With this style, many players use it to control the table tennis racket better.

Other grip styles for table tennis rackets

V grip: An improved version of the Penhold grip, it is replaced by a paddle grip of the index finger and thumb. Instead of holding the racquet handle, the index finger and thumb will be held in the paddle position and checked at a V-shaped angle.

Pistol grip: This style is modified from the shake hand grip. You can see this grip from the image below. And you must find out before using this type whether the rules of the game are held or not.


Above are some basic styles of how to hold a ping pong racket for players to refer to to apply to their own style of play. With each different grip, style will give you a different style, the advantages and disadvantages of each will also be different. Depending on your preferences and level, you can choose the right way to hold the racquet.

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How To Cut Wide Boards With Miter Saw?

In DIY jobs, cutting wide boards is no easy task. While the miter saw is one of the best tools for cutting materials, it also needs to be done correctly. So, how to cut wide boards with a miter saw? Follow through to the very end for the best tutorials and tips we share!

How To Cut Wide Boards With a Miter Saw?

You can easily cut wide boards with a miter saw by following these steps:

  • Prepare miter saw
  • Measure and mark
  • Pay attention to safety measures
  • Make the cuts

The wide boards are not easy to cut. Although the miter saw is a handy tool, you may encounter some difficulties. The four simple steps above can lead to the perfect wide boards for you.

To do it properly, observe the following detailed step-by-step analysis.

1. Prepare miter saw

The tool that plays a decisive role in creating wide boards is the miter saw. This saw is now available in 3 variants, including sliding, compound, and standard miter saw. Each type of variation will have different uses and stages.

If you own a sliding miter saw, then the cut wide board is straightforward to complete. Its features will assist you in cutting long planks to the maximum. A sliding miter saw can double the effectiveness when you work with planks.

In contrast, standard and compound miter saws will limit steam when cutting wide boards. You can make precise and angular cuts with them.

However, wide boards will do best and fastest when you use a sliding miter saw.

2. Measure and mark

Measuring and marking are essential, especially if you are a newbie to miter saws. Measure and mark will give you the exact results you want. Experienced people often skip this step. However, most will do the measurement.

I’m sure you don’t want to, after hard work cutting the board, but it doesn’t have the proper measurements. You can even create skewed cuts without markings.

My suggestion is that you should measure carefully. Then you can use crayons or markers to write down the necessary symbols. Some are more professional. You can use a laser.

3. Pay attention to safety measures

After you have defined the size of the wide boards you want, you should protect yourself. I agree that miter saws are safer than some other saws. But you will still be in danger if you are careless.

The best thing is to avoid them with protective gear. You wear goggles, a mask, a face shield, earplugs, and gloves. During the cutting of the material, debris may fly towards you.

In addition, you need to note some safety points when using a miter saw:

  • Fix the wood in a straight line and firmly on the fence. You can use some additional tools to fix the material, such as a clamp.
  • Allow the miter saw to rotate at full speed before starting to cut.
  • Ensure a safe distance between you and the saw when operating, usually at least 6 inches.

4. Make the cuts

In this step, you need to carefully observe before lowering the saw blade to cut the material. Every wrong cut leads to failure.

As mentioned above, you can use your hands or clamps to fix the material on the miter saw. It will make sure your every cut is precise.

It would help if you made sure that the saw blade aligns with the lines you marked. If you use a laser during this phase, you should make sure that the laser is pointing in the correct position.

After adjusting the material and saw blade to the correct position or turn on the saw and wait for the saw blade to reach the highest speed. Then lower the saw blade so that it comes into contact with the board and makes cuts.

The subsequent cuts you make are similar to the first cuts. Do them calmly and accurately.

What Do You Should Keep In Mind To Cut Wide Boards?

Making cuts on wide boards with a miter saw is pretty straightforward. But to achieve the best results, you have to refer to the following notes.

Use a sharp saw blade

Surely a sharp saw blade can give you faster cuts. Many people know that dull saw blades can burn wood. To ensure the best plank, using a piercing saw blade is the correct choice.

Wait for the saw blade to reach full speed before starting

Many people who use a miter saw often ignore this note. As a result, they often experience kickback when cutting materials. This phenomenon is hazardous and can cause injury.

Therefore, you need to wait a few seconds for the saw blade to reach maximum speed before cutting. Not only is it safe, but cuts are also faster.

Choose the right saw blade

Each type of material will be suitable for a particular type of saw blade. You cannot use a regular saw blade for tough wood. The results obtained are not feasible.

Stop the saw blade before lifting

When cutting materials with a miter saw, many people often raise the saw blade right after the cut is complete. The saw blade is still spinning at this point and can cause a lot of damage to the board.

The best thing after the saw blade cuts through the material is that you should stop it. Then lift the saw blade off the material. It will be better for both you and the board.


Maybe your first wide board cut isn’t perfect with a miter saw. But I believe that after taking our tips and notes you can do better. I hope that the sharing in this article is helpful to you. Thanks for reading!

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Do Pugs Fight A Lot?

Planning to buy a Pug for a sweet companion, but wondering, “Do Pugs fight alot?” If the answer is yes, then why and how to stop them? Believe it or not, preventing a fight between pugs owners is quite simple! Read and learn more about it with us!

Do Pugs Fight A Lot?

Pugs usually look petite, friendly, and easy-going. Sometimes they can be a bit silly to the point that owners may doubt their intelligence and ponder on “pugs are they smart?”. However, contrary to their harmless appearance, they can become extremely aggressive and may fight a lot!

Why Do Pugs Fight A Lot?

Pugs can become violent for many reasons, such as habitat change or old age. Besides, keep in mind that pugs’ temperaments will vary greatly depending on training and genetics!

We will list some of the most common reasons below. Please carefully read and notice your babies!

Anxiety & Fear

A pug with persistent mental problems will lead to a change in its behavior and temperament. Often, pugs that have been worried for a long time will become more negative and hostile, and conflicts between pugs occur as a result.

Pugs’ psychological problems may come from changing habitats, different food, new owners, or lack of attention from owners.

Access To Resources

Sometimes pugs also fight over food, water, toys, sleeping areas, or even attention from their masters. Influenced by one of the factors listed above and their desire to monopolize those resources will lead to a battle.

Therefore, it would be best if you prepare enough food, water, and other necessary stuff for each of them.

Lack Of Socialization

Pugs need to be free to run around in open spaces and socialize with other dogs for at least an hour per day. Specifically, keeping pugs at home for a long time can cause them to change in personality and become aggressive.

We encourage you to get your babies out of the house at least once a day to put them in the best mood!

However, how to stop the battle between the Pugs? Continue reading to see the methods to stop this aggression and bring back your gentle Pugs!

How To Stop Pugs Fight?

Here are ways that will help you prevent a fight between pugs. But please note that this is only a way to stop the war while it is happening, not in the long run. For long-term prevention, appropriate training methods are essential!

Make Loud Noise

Loud noises can distract dogs from their battles. Thus, you should buy yourself an air whistle, which can sound loud enough to startle and distract them.

Remember not to scream because shouting will only make them more agitated. This can even lead to bad consequences!

Spray Your Pugs

Spraying your pugs is also one of the good methods you should try. In detail, you can use water to spray, as pugs usually hate getting wet all of a sudden. It is best if you use a mixture of vinegar and water. If there is no vinegar, lemongrass essential oil is acceptable. Dogs’ noses are usually sensitive, so they hate strong odors like those.

Use A Leash

The simplest way to prevent a fight is using a leash. Remember that when pulling your pug away from an opponent with a leash, do it slowly. To be more specific, pulling hard can frighten your pug and make the opponent even more violent.


As we’ve mentioned above, Pugs are usually quite cute and sweet. If they suddenly start fighting violently, you should observe their behavior and signs carefully to find the best method to stop the fight as fast as possible.

Hope this article will be useful for you to answer the question “why do pugs fight a lot?” and be able to stop their aggressive act! For more useful information about your pet, check out this site!

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Two Fastest Approaches On How To Sharpen An Electric Razor

an electric razor

No one can deny the importance of owning an electric shaver. This device is also famous because it is easy to use, does not irritate the skin, and leaves no cuts.

However, sharpening this product after a period of use might cause a headache to many people. If you also have the same problem, we will show you how to sharpen an electric razor in two ways!

How To Sharpen An Electric Razor With Toothpaste?

Have you ever questioned, “What is the most effective way to sharpen an electric shaver?” You might be surprised, as the answer is pretty simple – Using toothpaste!

If you do not know how to do it, we will walk you through the process. Follow the steps below to accumulate useful information for yourself!

Electric razor

Collect Materials

Preparing a full set of tools will create a good premise for the process of sharpening your electric razor. For this task, you don’t have to spend too much effort on it:

  • An electric shaver
  • Toothpaste
  • A small brush
  • Hot water

That’s all you need to collect! There is no requirement for electric razors and toothpaste. You can use an old toothbrush to clean the blade’s surface; still, the best choice might be a small brush. Once everything is ready, let’s start sharpening your electric razor!

Disassemble Your Razor And Wash It

The first step in this procedure is to remove all parts of the electric razor. Once done, keep the blade and screens separate. Carefully immerse these parts in hot water and use a brush to clean them. Then, let them drain. If you want to speed up the process, using a dryer would help.

After the parts have dried, reassemble your electric razor. If your knife is difficult to disassemble, don’t worry! Brush the blades and screens in warm water and dry them.

Use Toothpaste To Sharpen Your Electric Razor

This step is the most important part of your electric razor sharpening process, be careful! In detail, squeeze an appropriate amount of toothpaste into the palm of your hand. Be mindful not to use too much cream. Besides, make sure the screen and blade are both fully coated with toothpaste.

Use toothpaste to sharpen the razor

After that, flip the switch and slowly push your electric razor into the toothpaste area. You need to rotate the razor continuously and make sure the toothpaste gets into every hole.

When the tip of the knife shows signs of heat, pull it away from your hand for a few seconds. Finally, repeat this process several times to ensure the best results.

Clean Your Razor Up

Please separate the knife parts again and clean them in hot water. Subsequently, you can easily see the blade will be much brighter and sharper. All the garbage stuck in the blades also completely disappeared.

To speed things up, use a dryer to dry your electric shaver. When all is perfect, you only need to reassemble your shaver.

Make Final Extra

The last step is to double-check your electric shaver. After drying, use your eyes to make sure that your blades still fit together and there are no more objects trapped in the machine.

If no problem arises, you have successfully completed the task by yourself!

Let’s move to the next part if you want to use another tool instead of toothpaste to sharpen your razor!

How To Sharpen An Electric Razor By Oil And Alcohol

Using alcohol and oil is also a smart way to sharpen your electric shaver. Let’s dig deeper through each step to see what’s special about each of them.

Sharpen the electric razor with oil and alcohol

Clean The Razor’s Surface

This method requires you to prepare an electric shaver, a brush, a bottle of baby oil, and alcohol. First, disassemble the shaver parts and clean them with water. Use a brush to gently scrub the surfaces of blades and screens for the best cleaning results.

Soak Blades And Screens In Alcohol

As alcohol works very well in removing dirt on the surface of the shaver, all you need to do is soak the blades and screens in alcohol. Dip it for at least 10 minutes to get the results.

In addition, periodic alcohol soaking will maintain the quality of the razor and kill bacteria on the blade. Due to that reason, we suggest you clean your electric razor regularly and soak the blade in alcohol for at least two minutes a month.

Dip the blade and screen in alcohol

Dry The Parts Of Your Razor

At this step, take the parts out to let them dry. Alcohol evaporates quickly in the air, so the drying speed is quite fast. However, you can still use a dryer if you want to speed up the process.

Drop Oil To The Blades

After the machine parts are dry, apply baby oil to increase the sensitivity of the blades. You don’t need to use too much; just a drop of oil is enough! If you use too much oil, it will cause the shaver to become oily and difficult to clean.

Reassemble The Razor

Finally, all you need to do in this step is reassemble the electric shaver. Similar to when sharpening it with toothpaste, make sure that the parts fit snugly together. At the same time, there is nothing left trapped in the blade of the shaver. If everything is perfect, turn your electric razor on and enjoy its sharpness.

Some Last Words

No one can prevent a shaver’s blade from wearing out for several reasons. However, you’d better know how to sharpen an electric razor instead of buying a new set of blades.

Through this article, we hope you have given yourself the necessary information about using basic stuff like oil, alcohol, and toothpaste to enhance the razor’s sharpness. See you in the next blog. Have a good day!


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How Does A Rotary Tattoo Machine Work?

Today’s rotary tattoo machine has gradually become more popular and become an indispensable tool for tattoo artists. The tool has been greatly improved, reducing weight and noise so tattooists can do their jobs more comfortably. Knowing its working mechanism will help users prolong the life of each machine to the maximum. So, how does a rotary tattoo machine work? Let’s find out in the article below.

Basic Parts Of Rotary Tattoo Machine

The main structure of the tattoo machine remains the following main parts: Tube to guide the needle, Grip, Tip, The needle. These parts are indispensable components of any tattoo machine for it to do the task properly.

The things that make modern rotary tattoo machines different from traditional tattoo tools are DC or RCA connection point, Motor, Cam wheel, Needle bar, which helps the machine operate smoothly, and more friendly.

How Does A Rotary Tattoo Tool Work?

Rotary tattoo machines were invented in 1970, and there are many different types of tattoo machines on the market since then. However, tattooists may still choose older models because they are cheaper and easier to fin or afraid to get used to new technology. Here we will explain the simplest of the operating mechanisms of the rotary tattoo machine.

To use a certain tool fluently, we need to understand how they work. In detail, the tattoo machine is a composite of many components. After plugging in RCS or DC power, the CAM wheel will move, and the machine will start working.

The tattoo machine can be disassembled for cleaning, and you must ensure that all parts are assembled in the correct sequence and complete for the machine to work effectively. The inner wheel motor will move in a clockwise direction, driving the needle backward and forwards and transferring the ink to the skin, and the tattooist can start his job.

Working Of Voltage In Rotary Tattoo Machine

Tattooing is an act of hurting the skin, but certain rules about electric current must be adhered to avoid hurting the client. Long-term tattooists with a lot of experience in the profession often choose the types of rotary tattoo machines that can adjust the voltage to create their work.

Usually, affordable rotary tattoo machines have only one type of voltage fixed and can’t be changed. Therefore, these machines are suitable for beginners. On the contrary, voltage adjustable rotary tattoo machines will cost depending on the manufacturer. You need to accumulate experience and a lot of money to own these machines.

The Arrangement Of Tubes And Needles

Flexible connectors connect the machine parts for smooth operation. Specifically, the connection point goes through the machine’s tube with a handle part attached, which firmly attaches to the lid to keep it in place.

The original structure of the tube is made of stainless steel to help the tube be reused many times. However, nowadays, tattooists often replace plastic tubes to ensure different safety and do not waste time sterilizing the tools.

Manufacturers usually place the tattoo needle in the tube, moving up and down an appropriate distance to get the ink implanted into the tattoo needle position. Of course, tattoo needles also have many different types depending on the purpose of use, but the tattooist can change the different needles accordingly.


Converting a familiar tool to a newer rotary machine can be daunting at first. But taking advantage of innovative new technology will help you make your job more comfortable and easier. Hopefully, this article will help you have a complete answer to the question “How does a rotary tattoo machine work?”

Suppose you are wondering and intend to own a rotary tattoo machine. In that case, you can visit the following article to have suggestions about the top-rated rotary tattoo machines on the market today for you.

Workout Hacks: Boxing Bag Alternatives

Purchasing a boxing bag can be tricky and time-consuming. We completely understand that feeling.

If you are looking for the most appropriate substitute for a boxing bag, you can consider a carpet, punching mitt, or flour bag. They might be one of the ideal options in the boxing bag alternative.

We really have put together this article on boxing bag alternatives for you to consider. Hopefully, by the time you finish reading this, you will have chosen a substitute for your boxing bag!

What Are Surprising Boxing Bag Alternatives?

Rather than spending a lot of money on a costly boxing bag from the mall, you can use the three options below as a substitute!


One of the best and most simple alternatives to a boxing bag is the carpet – which you can find right on the floor of your living room! Trust me; your carpet will be an unexpected yet amazing household object to exercise your muscles.

This alternative is cost-friendly and roughly 25 times cheaper than the average cost of a boxing bag. Not only that, but your carpet will also create an ideal boxing target for routined training, thanks to its large size.

Grab some duct tape and ropes. Then, follow these steps:

Step 1: Roll up the carpet and wrap it tightly with duct tape.

Step 2: Make a hole through the top edge of the carpet.

Step 3: Lace the rope through the hole and the carpet as a whole.

Step 4: Use both sides of the rope; hang the carpet up anywhere you want.

Step 5: Voila! You now have a neat boxing bag alternative.

What’s great about this option is that you can repurpose your carpets. You do not even need to look any further than your home for this boxing bag alternative!

If you are new to boxing. You need to read our quality reviews: Best boxing gloves under 100 dollars review

Punching Mitts

Punching mitts are an affordable and efficient alternative to boxing bags. You will be glad to find that they are only one-third the price of a boxing bag despite being made of the same robustly reliable materials.

Since punching mitts are safe and easy-going on your hands, they are perfect for the purpose of training your muscles. You can increase your focus and aiming skills as punching mitts make a small target. They can also help you stretch your muscles when you hit and jab at different locations.

You do not have to worry about these mitts falling off from your partner’s hands either. They have hand locks that are soft yet still firm.

Flour Bags

The third alternative can be found right in your kitchen! Yes, a 50lb bag of flour can be a great boxing bag. Though it costs only one-fifth the price of an actual boxing bag, you will see a significant improvement in your muscle strengthening.

You can even use this flour bag and cook a great meal after your long and tiring workout! Just like a boxing bag, the target is big and easy to follow. All you need is a bag of flour, a rope, and something to poke through the top of the flour bag.

Step 1: Use a sharp object to poke through at the top center of the flour bag where there is no flour to prevent any spillage of flour from inside the bag.

Step 2: Lace a rope through the hole.

Step 3: Grab the two ends of the rope and tie it up to where you want to hang your DIY boxing bag.


So, there you have it! Carpets, punching mitts, and flour bags are three boxing bag alternatives that you may not have thought of.

They will bless you with additional benefits, such as refining concentration and targeting. Plus, you can lend a hand in protecting the environment by reusing old carpets and a multipurpose flour bag!

When did badminton become an Olympic sport?

Badminton is one of the popular sports, and many people are interested in it today. It not only helps players to exercise but also a sport that contributes to the regular Olympics. When did badminton become an Olympic sport? Join us to find out!


The history of badminton before the Olympics

Why did badminton appear?

Badminton is based on the name Bad Badminton House, which is the hometown of an English duke – Beaufort. It is also considered a combination of sword fighting and soccer. The British add the net to their traditional badminton game. It directly originates from Poona – a popular game played by British army officers during the 1960s in India.

Players will use a racquet and hit yellow wool balls originating from Tamil Nadu to cross the net and fall to a particular position. Initially, the upper classes liked to play this game in wet or windy weather to help power the ball. However, later people choose badminton instead of wool balls.

Duke Beaufort introduced the sport to England in 1873 and presented it to the public. He is also a developed country and creates the rules of Badminton play today. But up to now, Asia is one of the most developed regions for the sport.

Badminton before becoming Olympic sports

The first badminton tournament was held in the British town of Guilford in 1898. A year later, the British opened themselves to an open contest for male athletes across the country. The tournament has left a considerable echo. It has helped people to have a specific view and understanding of badminton.

Women’s competitions were also held a few years later. This sport gradually became popular and spread to other countries worldwide, such as Denmark, Malaysia, Japan, or Indonesia.

In 1934, the first badminton organization in the world was born as the International Badminton Federation (IBF), then renamed the World Badminton Federation (BWF). The first member countries included England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Denmark, Canada, the Netherlands, France, and New Zealand. In 1936, the federation had a new member, India. And BWF becomes the most general regulator and authority in the subject. Currently, BWF dominates all badminton activities in the world and organizes international tournaments. If the number of founding members of the organization is only 9 members, the federation now has 149 members corresponding to 149 countries globally.

There are also two competitions globally, namely the Thomas Cup (held in 1939) for men and the Uber Cup (born in 1956) for women. Both made success and left an impression on the fans. And badminton got the most attention in the 1966s.

But in 1977, BMF decided to organize the first badminton Championship in the world. The tournament will be hosted in Kingston, Jamaica. Then, every four years, the federation will hold a similar match.

When did badminton become an Olympic sport?

In 1972, Badminton was chosen as the demonstration sport in the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Although badminton was known and became famous many years ago, it was not until 1992 that it became the official sport to participate in the Olympic Games. Participation in the Olympics has brought the sport to sports fans around the world. And this is also the great pride of the British.

Both men’s and women’s singles and doubles badminton were introduced to everyone in 1992 in Barcelona. They bring back prestigious medals to the athletes. Each event has 4 medals including 1 gold medal, 1 silver medal and 2 bronze medals. In that first Olympic competition, Indonesia dominated the arena thanks to four gold medals in all four events. And this is also the first gold medal that this country has been at the Olympics ever.

In Atlanta 1996, Denmark’s Poul-Erik Hoyer-Larsen won the men’s singles championship, while South Korea’s Bang Soo-Hyun came first in the women’s singles. Indonesia once again won the men’s doubles award. And the women’s doubles gold medal belongs to China. This match is also the first appearance of more struggle between the male and female duo. After this, the number of matches was held every 4 years.

And more than a century after helping introduced badminton to the world, two athletes Simon Archer and Jo Goode, won and brought home the first bronze medal for England in the men’s and women’s doubles.

Notable badminton events at the Olympic Games

After a long history, Asian countries have become the countries with the most badminton medals with achievements at the Olympics with 69/79 medals of all kinds in 16 years from 1992 to 2008. Countries ranked first are China, Korea, Indonesia. Then came England – the origin of this game and then Denmark.

However, in 2012, badminton was controversial at the Olympics held in London. During this Olympics, the organization decided to eliminate the four female doubles from China, Indonesia, and Korea. Because they deliberately set the score by playing in moderation and even failing. This caused the audience and all fans to speak out against the players’ non-athletic actions.

Many people believe that the problem lies in the game’s unreasonable form, not the athlete’s spirit. Finally, the BWF decided to change the women’s doubles competition at the Olympics to avoid cheating as in 2012.

And as usual, the matches are still held regularly until now with the participation of many countries around the world and the fans’ care. Up to the present time, Badminton has gone through 8 Olympic Games.

Besides the Olympics, it is also seen as a daily exercise. Because badminton is one of the few sports suitable for both children and the elderly. Moreover, regular badminton training also improves cardiovascular health, maintains endurance, and helps players become quick and alert.


Our above article shares the most specific information about Badminton and shows how it has evolved into an Olympic sport. We hope that the above sharing will be helpful and help you understand and love this sport better.

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Air Fryer Radiation: Related FAQs You Should Know About

Does an air fryer use its air fryer radiation to heat food like microwaves? If that’s what you are wondering, follow our article to find out the answer. 

Since its first release by Phillips in 2010, air fryers have captivated quite an amount of public attention. Many advertising and television channels even praise the product as one out of five best inventions at commercial fairs.

But, among such public acclaim are also concerns about air fryer radiation or are air fryers toxic as a carcinogen.

However, such claims are unsubstantiated because air fryers don’t emit radiation. Why? How? Let’s explore the underlying mechanism behind an air fryer.

Air Fryer Radiation: Don’t Air Fryers Use Radiation?

Short answer: No. Air fryers do not emit any radiation.

Long answer: Okay. We totally understand why you are so concerned about this matter, as radiation is almost instantly associated with the image of intimidating nuclear reactors, wars, death, and whatnot.

However, the kind of radiation generated from microwave ovens is not the same kind as those mentioned above. In fact, they give off something called EMF, or electromotive force. And there is yet any evidence showing this kind of force to be harmful to human health.

Anyway, back to square one, air fryers don’t use any of those types of radiation. Instead, it uses radiated heat, which is, again, not radiation. Don’t confuse them with each other.

Keep reading for our deeper explanation.

Air Fryer Radiation: How Does It Work?

As we have mentioned earlier, there is a widespread misconception that an air fryer uses air fryer radiation to heat food, just like people have long known of conventional microwave ovens. We must assert, once again, this is not the case at all.

Let’s dive into some physics!

Technically speaking, an air fryer works by diffusing hot air in the proximity of lightly-oiled food. This mechanism is backed up by a process called convection, in which heat is transferred thanks to the movement of hot fluids, say, air or water (often around 400 degrees Celsius), and without the adoption of a tangible medium.

In this case, the air fryer adopts radiated heat circulating the oil when the air inside begins to blow. In other words, this process makes the exterior of the food dry out quickly. As a result, it creates a very distinct crackly, crusty feel on the surface of the fried food.

If you look more closely, the crust created by air fryers is much darker and harder than that from ovens.

That means you should spray a thin layer of oil on the surface of the food for maximum effects.

Meanwhile, radiation is a process where heat transfer takes place through electromagnetic waves without involving particles, like in the case of the sun warming your skin.

Now we guess you already spot the slight difference between how microwave and an air fryer work, right? Well, it is simply “Radiation vs. radiated heat”.

Is Air Fryer Safer Than Microwave?

Yes, air fryers are super safe and easy to use compared to microwaves.

First off, air fryers don’t give off radiation. This may be the biggest concern among users, as they believe radiation can induce various health risks. But now, with radiation-free air fryers, worry no more!

Secondly, an air fryer can outsmart a microwave oven in the sense that it uses much less oil. Since fried food contains a lot of trans fat, which will potentially cause obesity and other cardiovascular diseases, people may choose air fryers as their alternative for the deep frying method.

Last but not least, you can do so many things with only one air fryer (one of them is the best ones for rotisserie chicken). Yes, you read it right. You can cook, deep fry, grill, and even make dried fruits using an air dryer. Not to mention, it doesn’t leave annoying smoke on your clothes. How convenient!

Final Words

Now that you have known about the specifics and utilities of an air fryer, don’t make the mistake of saying air fryer radiation again. Instead, you know how to explain in detail the mechanism of a radiation-free air fryer, don’t you?

We hope that this article serves you well. Good luck with your experience!

How To Clean Rusty Grill Grates

When you start preparing for an outdoor barbecue party, you realize that your grill grates rust. That is not fun at all. It is also unhygienic, not very nice. But do not worry, this article will guide the tips to make your grill grates clean. You will also have more knowledge about the selection of grills to minimize the rusting of your grill grates after a period of not using it.

Clean with readily available items:

For someone who would love to watch the video review for more details, here is our review:

There are many ways to clean the grill grates:

  1. Soap and water: Put a little soap in a basin of water. Mix well with soap for effervescent. Soak your grill grate in a pot for about 30 minutes. Use a soft sponge to clean the grill grate. If the stain is stubborn, you can use a brush to clean the stain.
  2. Vinegar and baking soda: If you don’t have vinegar and banking soda available in your home, you can buy them at a store near your home. Bring them together in a 2-1 ratio into a thick mixture. Apply them to a rusty grill grate. Leave on for about 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water. You will see great use of this mixture.
  3. Lemonade and detergent: Use lemon juice to squeeze the water. Then you mix the lemon juice with the mixed laundry detergent. Apply to the rust marks. Leave them on overnight as the mixture takes a long time to work. The next morning take out the grill grate and clean it with water and brush
  4. Safe Rust Removers: If you have tried the methods above but still rust, you may need to switch to using a commercial rust remover. Do not use ordinary rust removers. They can leave residues of chemicals that can be toxic to food. Whenever you deal with rust on grill grates, always use products designed specifically for that purpose.

Take measures to limit rusting of the grill grates

  • You should rinse the grill grate immediately after each use. Not long time stains sticking will cause rust. Always keep the grill clean and soak the grill in oil.
  • Prevent rusting by keeping the grill lid away from direct contact with humid environments. There aremany types of vertical smokers with closed covers to prevent the grill grate from exposure to humid environments. Make sure your grill lid is the right size and fits properly. The closer you live to water or the more extreme weather, the more likely it is to rust.
  • There are many types of grills made of stainless steel, made of cast iron and porcelain. This type has good rust resistance and moisture resistance. Buy these so you never have to worry about rusting your grill grates. You should also check out the articles on the barbecue site for an overview of your favorite barbecues.

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