Two Fastest Approaches On How To Sharpen An Electric Razor

an electric razor

No one can deny the importance of owning an electric shaver. This device is also famous because it is easy to use, does not irritate the skin, and leaves no cuts.

However, sharpening this product after a period of use might cause a headache to many people. If you also have the same problem, we will show you how to sharpen an electric razor in two ways!

How To Sharpen An Electric Razor With Toothpaste?

Have you ever questioned, “What is the most effective way to sharpen an electric shaver?” You might be surprised, as the answer is pretty simple – Using toothpaste!

If you do not know how to do it, we will walk you through the process. Follow the steps below to accumulate useful information for yourself!

Electric razor

Collect Materials

Preparing a full set of tools will create a good premise for the process of sharpening your electric razor. For this task, you don’t have to spend too much effort on it:

  • An electric shaver
  • Toothpaste
  • A small brush
  • Hot water

That’s all you need to collect! There is no requirement for electric razors and toothpaste. You can use an old toothbrush to clean the blade’s surface; still, the best choice might be a small brush. Once everything is ready, let’s start sharpening your electric razor!

Disassemble Your Razor And Wash It

The first step in this procedure is to remove all parts of the electric razor. Once done, keep the blade and screens separate. Carefully immerse these parts in hot water and use a brush to clean them. Then, let them drain. If you want to speed up the process, using a dryer would help.

After the parts have dried, reassemble your electric razor. If your knife is difficult to disassemble, don’t worry! Brush the blades and screens in warm water and dry them.

Use Toothpaste To Sharpen Your Electric Razor

This step is the most important part of your electric razor sharpening process, be careful! In detail, squeeze an appropriate amount of toothpaste into the palm of your hand. Be mindful not to use too much cream. Besides, make sure the screen and blade are both fully coated with toothpaste.

Use toothpaste to sharpen the razor

After that, flip the switch and slowly push your electric razor into the toothpaste area. You need to rotate the razor continuously and make sure the toothpaste gets into every hole.

When the tip of the knife shows signs of heat, pull it away from your hand for a few seconds. Finally, repeat this process several times to ensure the best results.

Clean Your Razor Up

Please separate the knife parts again and clean them in hot water. Subsequently, you can easily see the blade will be much brighter and sharper. All the garbage stuck in the blades also completely disappeared.

To speed things up, use a dryer to dry your electric shaver. When all is perfect, you only need to reassemble your shaver.

Make Final Extra

The last step is to double-check your electric shaver. After drying, use your eyes to make sure that your blades still fit together and there are no more objects trapped in the machine.

If no problem arises, you have successfully completed the task by yourself!

Let’s move to the next part if you want to use another tool instead of toothpaste to sharpen your razor!

How To Sharpen An Electric Razor By Oil And Alcohol

Using alcohol and oil is also a smart way to sharpen your electric shaver. Let’s dig deeper through each step to see what’s special about each of them.

Sharpen the electric razor with oil and alcohol

Clean The Razor’s Surface

This method requires you to prepare an electric shaver, a brush, a bottle of baby oil, and alcohol. First, disassemble the shaver parts and clean them with water. Use a brush to gently scrub the surfaces of blades and screens for the best cleaning results.

Soak Blades And Screens In Alcohol

As alcohol works very well in removing dirt on the surface of the shaver, all you need to do is soak the blades and screens in alcohol. Dip it for at least 10 minutes to get the results.

In addition, periodic alcohol soaking will maintain the quality of the razor and kill bacteria on the blade. Due to that reason, we suggest you clean your electric razor regularly and soak the blade in alcohol for at least two minutes a month.

Dip the blade and screen in alcohol

Dry The Parts Of Your Razor

At this step, take the parts out to let them dry. Alcohol evaporates quickly in the air, so the drying speed is quite fast. However, you can still use a dryer if you want to speed up the process.

Drop Oil To The Blades

After the machine parts are dry, apply baby oil to increase the sensitivity of the blades. You don’t need to use too much; just a drop of oil is enough! If you use too much oil, it will cause the shaver to become oily and difficult to clean.

Reassemble The Razor

Finally, all you need to do in this step is reassemble the electric shaver. Similar to when sharpening it with toothpaste, make sure that the parts fit snugly together. At the same time, there is nothing left trapped in the blade of the shaver. If everything is perfect, turn your electric razor on and enjoy its sharpness.

Some Last Words

No one can prevent a shaver’s blade from wearing out for several reasons. However, you’d better know how to sharpen an electric razor instead of buying a new set of blades.

Through this article, we hope you have given yourself the necessary information about using basic stuff like oil, alcohol, and toothpaste to enhance the razor’s sharpness. See you in the next blog. Have a good day!


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