How To Clean An Iron Soleplate: 3 Ways To Get The Best Effect

Many people do not think it is necessary to clean the iron. However, you should be aware that a clean bottom reduces dirt from sticking to clothes and helps the device run smoothly.

Luckily, this task has never been easier, thanks to the tips on how to clean an iron soleplate in this article. Let’s scroll down to get more information.

When To Tackle The Bottom Of The Iron

When to clean your iron depends on how much you use it. With repeated use, the cleaning must take place regularly.

One emergency sign is that your clothes have become stained by the iron. Its bottom surface turns black or is filled with clothing threads.  Besides, you may notice how difficult it is to move the iron.

With just one of these things happening, it’s time to clean up the soleplate. And if you still don’t know how, do not hesitate to read the next section.

How To Clean An Iron Soleplate

Using A Mixture Of Salt And Vinegar

It is best to cut off the power and wait for the iron to cool down before doing anything.

During this time, you can prepare a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and salt. Heat it until the salt is completely dissolved.

You should put on a glove and use an old towel to dab in the solution. Then, gently wipe the bottom surface, including the steam vents.

For some stubborn stains, a sponge or scrubber is your savior. However, it is forbidden to use a metal cleaner unless you want to damage the soleplate.

Using Baking Soda

The standard recipe for this cleaning solution is one teaspoon of water and two tablespoons of baking soda. Mix well so that the mixture becomes gelatinous.

Then, it would help if you used a spoon to spread the paste evenly over the soleplate. Wait 2-5 minutes, then wipe off with a damp cloth. It does not matter when you scrub. You can repeat these actions until the dirt comes out.

It is highly recommended to use a cotton swab to remove the residue in the vents. Finally, turn the iron upside down to remove the water.

Using Other Substances For Special Cases

In some cases, it may be a bit more difficult to handle particular stains. Refer to the tips below to save your devices as quickly as possible

Firstly, Teflon-coated soleplates, which is the best iron for quilters, require a softer cleaning mixture than the two formulas above. One suggestion for you is to use toothpaste and do the cleaning procedures like baking soda.

In case your equipment has sticky stains, you can treat it immediately with a candle. Turn on the iron at full temperature and press firmly on the candle. As long as it is melted, disconnect the power. The glue will thicken and absorb all the dirt.

Lastly, we will come to the most complicated situation: a burned soleplate. To remove the burning outside, you should come up with a knife. Remember to scrape carefully and gently so as not to damage the surface or your hands. Then you need to use a metal polish, which is found easily in supermarkets. Spray it and wipe with a towel until you see a shiny soleplate.

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This article has just shown you how to clean an iron soleplate. As you can see, it is not a difficult or time-consuming task, but certainly brings you unexpected benefits. That is why you should keep in mind to do cleaning regularly.

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