How Does A Rotary Tattoo Machine Work?

Today’s rotary tattoo machine has gradually become more popular and become an indispensable tool for tattoo artists. The tool has been greatly improved, reducing weight and noise so tattooists can do their jobs more comfortably. Knowing its working mechanism will help users prolong the life of each machine to the maximum. So, how does a rotary tattoo machine work? Let’s find out in the article below.

Basic Parts Of Rotary Tattoo Machine

The main structure of the tattoo machine remains the following main parts: Tube to guide the needle, Grip, Tip, The needle. These parts are indispensable components of any tattoo machine for it to do the task properly.

The things that make modern rotary tattoo machines different from traditional tattoo tools are DC or RCA connection point, Motor, Cam wheel, Needle bar, which helps the machine operate smoothly, and more friendly.

How Does A Rotary Tattoo Tool Work?

Rotary tattoo machines were invented in 1970, and there are many different types of tattoo machines on the market since then. However, tattooists may still choose older models because they are cheaper and easier to fin or afraid to get used to new technology. Here we will explain the simplest of the operating mechanisms of the rotary tattoo machine.

To use a certain tool fluently, we need to understand how they work. In detail, the tattoo machine is a composite of many components. After plugging in RCS or DC power, the CAM wheel will move, and the machine will start working.

The tattoo machine can be disassembled for cleaning, and you must ensure that all parts are assembled in the correct sequence and complete for the machine to work effectively. The inner wheel motor will move in a clockwise direction, driving the needle backward and forwards and transferring the ink to the skin, and the tattooist can start his job.

Working Of Voltage In Rotary Tattoo Machine

Tattooing is an act of hurting the skin, but certain rules about electric current must be adhered to avoid hurting the client. Long-term tattooists with a lot of experience in the profession often choose the types of rotary tattoo machines that can adjust the voltage to create their work.

Usually, affordable rotary tattoo machines have only one type of voltage fixed and can’t be changed. Therefore, these machines are suitable for beginners. On the contrary, voltage adjustable rotary tattoo machines will cost depending on the manufacturer. You need to accumulate experience and a lot of money to own these machines.

The Arrangement Of Tubes And Needles

Flexible connectors connect the machine parts for smooth operation. Specifically, the connection point goes through the machine’s tube with a handle part attached, which firmly attaches to the lid to keep it in place.

The original structure of the tube is made of stainless steel to help the tube be reused many times. However, nowadays, tattooists often replace plastic tubes to ensure different safety and do not waste time sterilizing the tools.

Manufacturers usually place the tattoo needle in the tube, moving up and down an appropriate distance to get the ink implanted into the tattoo needle position. Of course, tattoo needles also have many different types depending on the purpose of use, but the tattooist can change the different needles accordingly.


Converting a familiar tool to a newer rotary machine can be daunting at first. But taking advantage of innovative new technology will help you make your job more comfortable and easier. Hopefully, this article will help you have a complete answer to the question “How does a rotary tattoo machine work?”

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