My Family Loves Playing Badminton, And Here is Why

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My family loves playing sports, especially badminton because most of my family members can join. Every week, we will go to the badminton arena to play with other players.

However recently we have problems with badminton rackets, they are not good enough to help us win games, I think. I had problems playing bridge, my shots lacked power, and it was easy for the opponent to counterattack. I have tried a number of different racquets but the effect was not as expected.

The racquets that I bought cost me a lot of money. The first racquet was bent and I was not happy with the service attitude of the staff when I had a need to return. The second racket is quite heavy, probably not suitable for beginners. The third racket seems to be better, but the price is too high.

However, a friend of mine introduced me to a great racket and I think it suits me, the Yonex gr 303. To put it in perspective, this racket is perfect for beginners, with its perfect design and great price. If you are looking for the best badminton racket for beginners, this is the right choice.

Currently, my family’s badminton playing is much better. After using the racket that my friend introduced me to see the importance of a good racket. You can control the ball more easily, easily control the match, along with it is easier to win the match. Imagine you will be able to perform difficult movements like on TV when watching from the athletes, that’s great.

However, there are a lot of poor quality racquets on the market today, and they are not durable. When buying, please pay attention to check well, confirm the details. If you are a careful person, going to the store and trying it is also a good choice. Try one and the movement, feel and make a decision whether or not to buy.

Another problem when buying racquets that you need to keep in mind is the warranty. Of course, I bet the racquets are likely to have problems during use, and it would be bad if you didn’t buy the warranty. So make sure about the warranty before buying it. You don’t want to be like me when you buy a bad quality racket, so do not regret adding a little money for the release.

Above are my share of finding a racket for new players. Hope this information can help you.