Do you really need a hot tub cover lifter?

Are you wondering whether you should get a hot tub cover lifter or not? For me, the answer will be a YES, definitely. Simply imagine that a hot tub without a cover lifter is like a pot without a lid, then nothing to cover means easy access for dust, leaves, or other unwanted stuff. 

Well, it’s just a piece of a cake. There are still many reasons showing that getting a quality hot tub cover lifter is a wise investment.

A cover lifter keeps your hot tub out of critters and debris

Dust and debris are everywhere in the air. For every second you leave the hot tub uncovered, leaves, debris, and other things can drop into your jacuzzi in the blink of an eye. Your child can step into it unintentionally, which is serious if he is a toddler. 

If the hot tub is locked with a cover, there are fewer chances for those things to happen.

Testing and refilling water becomes easy

With a lifter, getting a water sample to test the chemicals is effortless thanks to its prop-open function.

Once you use the hot tub, keeping balanced water like the pH level is important, not only for your health but also for the lifespan of your equipment. You will also need to add or fully change the water regularly as a maintenance step. 

The lid lifter then will assist you to do this job easily and no longer need help from others. 

Hot tub cover lifters help you save energy

Compared to traditional covers, a cover with a lifter bar sit more tightly atop the hot tub, meaning the water temperatures inside are better maintained. 

Once the heat is retained better, the heating unit can work less, which reduces expenses related to hot tub operation. What is more, it can extend the life of the hot tub.

Another thumb up point is that a cover with a lifter bar will close the unit more quickly. What does this mean? It means your hot tub can heat up and come back to your pre-set temp faster while entertaining and soaking.

Hot tub cover lifters reduce water evaporation

Water when heated up will evaporate, with no doubt. If you do not have something to cover your hot tub, water evaporation is inevitable. 

A lid lifter is a simple way to avoid excessive water evaporation. 


Well, you know how important a hot tub cover lifter is, don’t you? If you haven’t equipped your hot tub with this genius product, look no further, grasp one now.