Workout Hacks: Boxing Bag Alternatives

Purchasing a boxing bag can be tricky and time-consuming. We completely understand that feeling.

If you are looking for the most appropriate substitute for a boxing bag, you can consider a carpet, punching mitt, or flour bag. They might be one of the ideal options in the boxing bag alternative.

We really have put together this article on boxing bag alternatives for you to consider. Hopefully, by the time you finish reading this, you will have chosen a substitute for your boxing bag!

What Are Surprising Boxing Bag Alternatives?

Rather than spending a lot of money on a costly boxing bag from the mall, you can use the three options below as a substitute!


One of the best and most simple alternatives to a boxing bag is the carpet – which you can find right on the floor of your living room! Trust me; your carpet will be an unexpected yet amazing household object to exercise your muscles.

This alternative is cost-friendly and roughly 25 times cheaper than the average cost of a boxing bag. Not only that, but your carpet will also create an ideal boxing target for routined training, thanks to its large size.

Grab some duct tape and ropes. Then, follow these steps:

Step 1: Roll up the carpet and wrap it tightly with duct tape.

Step 2: Make a hole through the top edge of the carpet.

Step 3: Lace the rope through the hole and the carpet as a whole.

Step 4: Use both sides of the rope; hang the carpet up anywhere you want.

Step 5: Voila! You now have a neat boxing bag alternative.

What’s great about this option is that you can repurpose your carpets. You do not even need to look any further than your home for this boxing bag alternative!

If you are new to boxing. You need to read our quality reviews: Best boxing gloves under 100 dollars review

Punching Mitts

Punching mitts are an affordable and efficient alternative to boxing bags. You will be glad to find that they are only one-third the price of a boxing bag despite being made of the same robustly reliable materials.

Since punching mitts are safe and easy-going on your hands, they are perfect for the purpose of training your muscles. You can increase your focus and aiming skills as punching mitts make a small target. They can also help you stretch your muscles when you hit and jab at different locations.

You do not have to worry about these mitts falling off from your partner’s hands either. They have hand locks that are soft yet still firm.

Flour Bags

The third alternative can be found right in your kitchen! Yes, a 50lb bag of flour can be a great boxing bag. Though it costs only one-fifth the price of an actual boxing bag, you will see a significant improvement in your muscle strengthening.

You can even use this flour bag and cook a great meal after your long and tiring workout! Just like a boxing bag, the target is big and easy to follow. All you need is a bag of flour, a rope, and something to poke through the top of the flour bag.

Step 1: Use a sharp object to poke through at the top center of the flour bag where there is no flour to prevent any spillage of flour from inside the bag.

Step 2: Lace a rope through the hole.

Step 3: Grab the two ends of the rope and tie it up to where you want to hang your DIY boxing bag.


So, there you have it! Carpets, punching mitts, and flour bags are three boxing bag alternatives that you may not have thought of.

They will bless you with additional benefits, such as refining concentration and targeting. Plus, you can lend a hand in protecting the environment by reusing old carpets and a multipurpose flour bag!

When did badminton become an Olympic sport?

Badminton is one of the popular sports, and many people are interested in it today. It not only helps players to exercise but also a sport that contributes to the regular Olympics. When did badminton become an Olympic sport? Join us to find out!


The history of badminton before the Olympics

Why did badminton appear?

Badminton is based on the name Bad Badminton House, which is the hometown of an English duke – Beaufort. It is also considered a combination of sword fighting and soccer. The British add the net to their traditional badminton game. It directly originates from Poona – a popular game played by British army officers during the 1960s in India.

Players will use a racquet and hit yellow wool balls originating from Tamil Nadu to cross the net and fall to a particular position. Initially, the upper classes liked to play this game in wet or windy weather to help power the ball. However, later people choose badminton instead of wool balls.

Duke Beaufort introduced the sport to England in 1873 and presented it to the public. He is also a developed country and creates the rules of Badminton play today. But up to now, Asia is one of the most developed regions for the sport.

Badminton before becoming Olympic sports

The first badminton tournament was held in the British town of Guilford in 1898. A year later, the British opened themselves to an open contest for male athletes across the country. The tournament has left a considerable echo. It has helped people to have a specific view and understanding of badminton.

Women’s competitions were also held a few years later. This sport gradually became popular and spread to other countries worldwide, such as Denmark, Malaysia, Japan, or Indonesia.

In 1934, the first badminton organization in the world was born as the International Badminton Federation (IBF), then renamed the World Badminton Federation (BWF). The first member countries included England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Denmark, Canada, the Netherlands, France, and New Zealand. In 1936, the federation had a new member, India. And BWF becomes the most general regulator and authority in the subject. Currently, BWF dominates all badminton activities in the world and organizes international tournaments. If the number of founding members of the organization is only 9 members, the federation now has 149 members corresponding to 149 countries globally.

There are also two competitions globally, namely the Thomas Cup (held in 1939) for men and the Uber Cup (born in 1956) for women. Both made success and left an impression on the fans. And badminton got the most attention in the 1966s.

But in 1977, BMF decided to organize the first badminton Championship in the world. The tournament will be hosted in Kingston, Jamaica. Then, every four years, the federation will hold a similar match.

When did badminton become an Olympic sport?

In 1972, Badminton was chosen as the demonstration sport in the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Although badminton was known and became famous many years ago, it was not until 1992 that it became the official sport to participate in the Olympic Games. Participation in the Olympics has brought the sport to sports fans around the world. And this is also the great pride of the British.

Both men’s and women’s singles and doubles badminton were introduced to everyone in 1992 in Barcelona. They bring back prestigious medals to the athletes. Each event has 4 medals including 1 gold medal, 1 silver medal and 2 bronze medals. In that first Olympic competition, Indonesia dominated the arena thanks to four gold medals in all four events. And this is also the first gold medal that this country has been at the Olympics ever.

In Atlanta 1996, Denmark’s Poul-Erik Hoyer-Larsen won the men’s singles championship, while South Korea’s Bang Soo-Hyun came first in the women’s singles. Indonesia once again won the men’s doubles award. And the women’s doubles gold medal belongs to China. This match is also the first appearance of more struggle between the male and female duo. After this, the number of matches was held every 4 years.

And more than a century after helping introduced badminton to the world, two athletes Simon Archer and Jo Goode, won and brought home the first bronze medal for England in the men’s and women’s doubles.

Notable badminton events at the Olympic Games

After a long history, Asian countries have become the countries with the most badminton medals with achievements at the Olympics with 69/79 medals of all kinds in 16 years from 1992 to 2008. Countries ranked first are China, Korea, Indonesia. Then came England – the origin of this game and then Denmark.

However, in 2012, badminton was controversial at the Olympics held in London. During this Olympics, the organization decided to eliminate the four female doubles from China, Indonesia, and Korea. Because they deliberately set the score by playing in moderation and even failing. This caused the audience and all fans to speak out against the players’ non-athletic actions.

Many people believe that the problem lies in the game’s unreasonable form, not the athlete’s spirit. Finally, the BWF decided to change the women’s doubles competition at the Olympics to avoid cheating as in 2012.

And as usual, the matches are still held regularly until now with the participation of many countries around the world and the fans’ care. Up to the present time, Badminton has gone through 8 Olympic Games.

Besides the Olympics, it is also seen as a daily exercise. Because badminton is one of the few sports suitable for both children and the elderly. Moreover, regular badminton training also improves cardiovascular health, maintains endurance, and helps players become quick and alert.


Our above article shares the most specific information about Badminton and shows how it has evolved into an Olympic sport. We hope that the above sharing will be helpful and help you understand and love this sport better.

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Air Fryer Radiation: Related FAQs You Should Know About

Does an air fryer use its air fryer radiation to heat food like microwaves? If that’s what you are wondering, follow our article to find out the answer. 

Since its first release by Phillips in 2010, air fryers have captivated quite an amount of public attention. Many advertising and television channels even praise the product as one out of five best inventions at commercial fairs.

But, among such public acclaim are also concerns about air fryer radiation or are air fryers toxic as a carcinogen.

However, such claims are unsubstantiated because air fryers don’t emit radiation. Why? How? Let’s explore the underlying mechanism behind an air fryer.

Air Fryer Radiation: Don’t Air Fryers Use Radiation?

Short answer: No. Air fryers do not emit any radiation.

Long answer: Okay. We totally understand why you are so concerned about this matter, as radiation is almost instantly associated with the image of intimidating nuclear reactors, wars, death, and whatnot.

However, the kind of radiation generated from microwave ovens is not the same kind as those mentioned above. In fact, they give off something called EMF, or electromotive force. And there is yet any evidence showing this kind of force to be harmful to human health.

Anyway, back to square one, air fryers don’t use any of those types of radiation. Instead, it uses radiated heat, which is, again, not radiation. Don’t confuse them with each other.

Keep reading for our deeper explanation.

Air Fryer Radiation: How Does It Work?

As we have mentioned earlier, there is a widespread misconception that an air fryer uses air fryer radiation to heat food, just like people have long known of conventional microwave ovens. We must assert, once again, this is not the case at all.

Let’s dive into some physics!

Technically speaking, an air fryer works by diffusing hot air in the proximity of lightly-oiled food. This mechanism is backed up by a process called convection, in which heat is transferred thanks to the movement of hot fluids, say, air or water (often around 400 degrees Celsius), and without the adoption of a tangible medium.

In this case, the air fryer adopts radiated heat circulating the oil when the air inside begins to blow. In other words, this process makes the exterior of the food dry out quickly. As a result, it creates a very distinct crackly, crusty feel on the surface of the fried food.

If you look more closely, the crust created by air fryers is much darker and harder than that from ovens.

That means you should spray a thin layer of oil on the surface of the food for maximum effects.

Meanwhile, radiation is a process where heat transfer takes place through electromagnetic waves without involving particles, like in the case of the sun warming your skin.

Now we guess you already spot the slight difference between how microwave and an air fryer work, right? Well, it is simply “Radiation vs. radiated heat”.

Is Air Fryer Safer Than Microwave?

Yes, air fryers are super safe and easy to use compared to microwaves.

First off, air fryers don’t give off radiation. This may be the biggest concern among users, as they believe radiation can induce various health risks. But now, with radiation-free air fryers, worry no more!

Secondly, an air fryer can outsmart a microwave oven in the sense that it uses much less oil. Since fried food contains a lot of trans fat, which will potentially cause obesity and other cardiovascular diseases, people may choose air fryers as their alternative for the deep frying method.

Last but not least, you can do so many things with only one air fryer (one of them is the best ones for rotisserie chicken). Yes, you read it right. You can cook, deep fry, grill, and even make dried fruits using an air dryer. Not to mention, it doesn’t leave annoying smoke on your clothes. How convenient!

Final Words

Now that you have known about the specifics and utilities of an air fryer, don’t make the mistake of saying air fryer radiation again. Instead, you know how to explain in detail the mechanism of a radiation-free air fryer, don’t you?

We hope that this article serves you well. Good luck with your experience!

How To Clean Rusty Grill Grates

When you start preparing for an outdoor barbecue party, you realize that your grill grates rust. That is not fun at all. It is also unhygienic, not very nice. But do not worry, this article will guide the tips to make your grill grates clean. You will also have more knowledge about the selection of grills to minimize the rusting of your grill grates after a period of not using it.

Clean with readily available items:

For someone who would love to watch the video review for more details, here is our review:

There are many ways to clean the grill grates:

  1. Soap and water: Put a little soap in a basin of water. Mix well with soap for effervescent. Soak your grill grate in a pot for about 30 minutes. Use a soft sponge to clean the grill grate. If the stain is stubborn, you can use a brush to clean the stain.
  2. Vinegar and baking soda: If you don’t have vinegar and banking soda available in your home, you can buy them at a store near your home. Bring them together in a 2-1 ratio into a thick mixture. Apply them to a rusty grill grate. Leave on for about 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water. You will see great use of this mixture.
  3. Lemonade and detergent: Use lemon juice to squeeze the water. Then you mix the lemon juice with the mixed laundry detergent. Apply to the rust marks. Leave them on overnight as the mixture takes a long time to work. The next morning take out the grill grate and clean it with water and brush
  4. Safe Rust Removers: If you have tried the methods above but still rust, you may need to switch to using a commercial rust remover. Do not use ordinary rust removers. They can leave residues of chemicals that can be toxic to food. Whenever you deal with rust on grill grates, always use products designed specifically for that purpose.

Take measures to limit rusting of the grill grates

  • You should rinse the grill grate immediately after each use. Not long time stains sticking will cause rust. Always keep the grill clean and soak the grill in oil.
  • Prevent rusting by keeping the grill lid away from direct contact with humid environments. There aremany types of vertical smokers with closed covers to prevent the grill grate from exposure to humid environments. Make sure your grill lid is the right size and fits properly. The closer you live to water or the more extreme weather, the more likely it is to rust.
  • There are many types of grills made of stainless steel, made of cast iron and porcelain. This type has good rust resistance and moisture resistance. Buy these so you never have to worry about rusting your grill grates. You should also check out the articles on the barbecue site for an overview of your favorite barbecues.

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How to Clean Rusty Grill Grates

Do you really need a hot tub cover lifter?

Are you wondering whether you should get a hot tub cover lifter or not? For me, the answer will be a YES, definitely. Simply imagine that a hot tub without a cover lifter is like a pot without a lid, then nothing to cover means easy access for dust, leaves, or other unwanted stuff. 

Well, it’s just a piece of a cake. There are still many reasons showing that getting a quality hot tub cover lifter is a wise investment.

A cover lifter keeps your hot tub out of critters and debris

Dust and debris are everywhere in the air. For every second you leave the hot tub uncovered, leaves, debris, and other things can drop into your jacuzzi in the blink of an eye. Your child can step into it unintentionally, which is serious if he is a toddler. 

If the hot tub is locked with a cover, there are fewer chances for those things to happen.

Testing and refilling water becomes easy

With a lifter, getting a water sample to test the chemicals is effortless thanks to its prop-open function.

Once you use the hot tub, keeping balanced water like the pH level is important, not only for your health but also for the lifespan of your equipment. You will also need to add or fully change the water regularly as a maintenance step. 

The lid lifter then will assist you to do this job easily and no longer need help from others. 

Hot tub cover lifters help you save energy

Compared to traditional covers, a cover with a lifter bar sit more tightly atop the hot tub, meaning the water temperatures inside are better maintained. 

Once the heat is retained better, the heating unit can work less, which reduces expenses related to hot tub operation. What is more, it can extend the life of the hot tub.

Another thumb up point is that a cover with a lifter bar will close the unit more quickly. What does this mean? It means your hot tub can heat up and come back to your pre-set temp faster while entertaining and soaking.

Hot tub cover lifters reduce water evaporation

Water when heated up will evaporate, with no doubt. If you do not have something to cover your hot tub, water evaporation is inevitable. 

A lid lifter is a simple way to avoid excessive water evaporation. 


Well, you know how important a hot tub cover lifter is, don’t you? If you haven’t equipped your hot tub with this genius product, look no further, grasp one now.

How To Clean An Iron Soleplate: 3 Ways To Get The Best Effect

Many people do not think it is necessary to clean the iron. However, you should be aware that a clean bottom reduces dirt from sticking to clothes and helps the device run smoothly.

Luckily, this task has never been easier, thanks to the tips on how to clean an iron soleplate in this article. Let’s scroll down to get more information.

When To Tackle The Bottom Of The Iron

When to clean your iron depends on how much you use it. With repeated use, the cleaning must take place regularly.

One emergency sign is that your clothes have become stained by the iron. Its bottom surface turns black or is filled with clothing threads.  Besides, you may notice how difficult it is to move the iron.

With just one of these things happening, it’s time to clean up the soleplate. And if you still don’t know how, do not hesitate to read the next section.

How To Clean An Iron Soleplate

Using A Mixture Of Salt And Vinegar

It is best to cut off the power and wait for the iron to cool down before doing anything.

During this time, you can prepare a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and salt. Heat it until the salt is completely dissolved.

You should put on a glove and use an old towel to dab in the solution. Then, gently wipe the bottom surface, including the steam vents.

For some stubborn stains, a sponge or scrubber is your savior. However, it is forbidden to use a metal cleaner unless you want to damage the soleplate.

Using Baking Soda

The standard recipe for this cleaning solution is one teaspoon of water and two tablespoons of baking soda. Mix well so that the mixture becomes gelatinous.

Then, it would help if you used a spoon to spread the paste evenly over the soleplate. Wait 2-5 minutes, then wipe off with a damp cloth. It does not matter when you scrub. You can repeat these actions until the dirt comes out.

It is highly recommended to use a cotton swab to remove the residue in the vents. Finally, turn the iron upside down to remove the water.

Using Other Substances For Special Cases

In some cases, it may be a bit more difficult to handle particular stains. Refer to the tips below to save your devices as quickly as possible

Firstly, Teflon-coated soleplates, which is the best iron for quilters, require a softer cleaning mixture than the two formulas above. One suggestion for you is to use toothpaste and do the cleaning procedures like baking soda.

In case your equipment has sticky stains, you can treat it immediately with a candle. Turn on the iron at full temperature and press firmly on the candle. As long as it is melted, disconnect the power. The glue will thicken and absorb all the dirt.

Lastly, we will come to the most complicated situation: a burned soleplate. To remove the burning outside, you should come up with a knife. Remember to scrape carefully and gently so as not to damage the surface or your hands. Then you need to use a metal polish, which is found easily in supermarkets. Spray it and wipe with a towel until you see a shiny soleplate.

See more of the best quilting tools at Website:


This article has just shown you how to clean an iron soleplate. As you can see, it is not a difficult or time-consuming task, but certainly brings you unexpected benefits. That is why you should keep in mind to do cleaning regularly.

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What To Expect In A Baby Crib?

A crib is like a big place to put your newborn baby in, yet the safest place for him/her to sleep. For the first few months, many parents choose a bassinet or a cradle, but buying a crib will be more cost-effective as it can act as a lifelong bed for your baby.

If you are wondering what to expect in the safest crib, we have listed some basic criteria for choosing the best one.

1. Basic is best

The safest crib has simple lines with no finials. It is to prevent baby clothing from getting caught in those detail work.

2. Teething rails

Teething rails should be smooth when covering the top of the side rails. It is mostly covered with plastic coverings to protect the crib and your baby’s gums and teeth as he/she will love to gnaw on the crib’s rails.

The teething rails should not crack or break.

3. Portability

A portable crib is just similar to a regular crib but usually smaller. You should know that it won’t as long as a full-size folding crib.

People opt for portable cribs as they live in a small apartment or want to take something along to their grandparents’. Keep in mind that the mattress and sheets specifically for this type of crib should be bought at the same time you buy the crib.

4. Single drop gates

A single drop gate allows you to lower a small portion of the crib’s site (not the entire site, though). This feature ensures safety, prevents the hazard of a full-drop one, and makes it easier to take the baby out.

5. Wheels

Cribs can come with wheels made of plastic or metal. These caster wheels swivel and make the crib easy to be moved around.

If you prefer a crib without wheels, keep that in mind despite your plan to move the crib into another room when your baby is 6 months old. You will soon acknowledge that cribs are often too wide to go through a standard bedroom door. Only when disassembled, the crib can be ready for the move.

6. Construction materials

Mostly, cribs are made of wood. Other types of materials are available as well. You can choose a wide range of painted finishes from dark to light, for a variety of colors (grey, cherry, white, washed white, pastel green, blue, pink, yellow, etc). Unless there are serious defects like splintering or peeling paint, any little roughness found on the coated finish will not be a problem.

Can You Put LED Bulbs In Regular Fixtures?

LED bulbs are the latest advancement in technology and are rapidly being applied in the lighting industry. LED lighting bulbs are the best energy-saving products available today and perfectly replace traditional bulbs with outstanding advantages such as longer lifespan (up to 50,000 hours), low power consumption. more (85% more efficient), lower maintenance costs, and higher safety. From the point of view that the price of LED lights is decreasing, LED products are becoming a lighting solution for both professional users and general users, widely used for many different lighting purposes. So can you put LED bulbs in regular fixtures? In this article, LaoKoon Design will answer your questions about this issue.

Can an LED bulb be used in any fixture?

Attachment is any fixture or accompanying application installed that does not allow proper airflow to come into contact with the LED bulb. This does not include a glass-bottom or an outside plastic porch as it is suitable for use.

LED bulbs are shaped like a traditional incandescent bulb or fluorescent light. The problem is that its internal chip is similar to the one used in laptops and other electronic devices. Without a proper radiator or exhaust fan, the heat will heat up, affecting the life of the bulb. Is that why some light will tell you if it can be used in any device?

If the value for “Suitable fixture rating” is “yes”, that means the light bulb can be used for any fixture. On the contrary, if the value is “no”, the bulb is difficult to suit many devices. Using an LED bulb in a fixture when it’s not designed for that could cause the bulb to overheat, potentially damaging the bulb and fixture. Even a small addition of heat can shorten the life of your bulb and cost you the total value of your investment.

Why are LED lights not suitable for enclosed fixtures?

A 10W LED bulb in an enclosed fixture burns with a surface temperature of about 50 degrees Celsius. A ‘fixture’ that forms any luminaire with a close-up of a close-up will typically never include a lampshade. Bulbs that come with fixed light accessories that need to be illuminated are often used in places where light is needed such as dining rooms, book rooms …

Why are LED bulbs not suitable for the attached fixtures? probably due to poor radiators. as the build-up temperature rises around the LED surface, what happens? There are 2 results: first, the light bulb will have noticeable continuous flicker; Second, the life of the LED bulb will be reduced. As a result, LED bulbs will fail faster and need to be replaced. I believe you don’t want this to happen.

Furthermore, the supplied device is not suitable for the LED bulb. it causes poor illumination, low emissivity.

Each type of LED will have its own power consumption so the dissipation temperature is also different if the attached device does not meet the heat dissipation space then that’s bad. You can refer to the website before deciding to buy it.

What happens if you put an LED bulb in an enclosed fixture?

Currently in any family is using LED bulbs.

It is used for many different purposes mostly used in conjunction with the fixture.

An attached fixture is any fixture that is completely sealed, preventing any airflow from entering or leaving the fixture. The accompanying light is often used for outdoor or garden lighting. So the inner bulb has a reasonable color temperature and is not too glare. Usually, outdoor lights will be lit for many hours and need high brightness, so the attached fixture is made of a material that can withstand heat and water. They are great for the security, safety, and outstanding exterior lighting of your home. The housings can be styled into a variety of shapes commonly used for aesthetics and weathering.

LEDs placed in a suitably attached fixture will ensure the durability and good illumination of the lamp. Otherwise, it will cost your family economy.

Can I put LED bulbs in halogen fittings?

You should first understand a little bit about halogen bulbs. Halogen bulbs usually have an excellent CRI or color rendering index, meaning, halogen bulbs can produce light that is almost identical to sunlight. Halogen bulbs will light up immediately, so they are used in many outdoor lighting systems with motion sensors. The compact size of halogen bulbs is a great advantage for outdoor lighting products. No mercury is used in halogen bulbs. On the other hand, halogen bulbs consume a lot of electricity, so they are not considered the most eco-friendly bulbs.

Until LED chip lights became popular, halogen lamps were the best solution for outdoor lighting so far. And halogen lights are still a pretty good competitor for LEDs. Many people have chosen to switch from halogen lights to LED bulbs. But the LED lights are not always compatible with halogen accessories, which can cause some new problems for you. To ensure safety and make the most of your bulb performance you can seek the help of an electrician.

  • The brightness of the lamp is not guaranteed: It may cause dimming or flashing. This is a common problem when using an LED light without an LED driver. LEDs run on DC power, not AC. Using them in AC circuits will lead to voltage fluctuations that cause the bulb to flicker or dim erratically.
  • Transformer: A halogen transformer provides more energy than an LED would require. In some cases, you will need to replace this transformer with an LED driver to regulate the voltage. If not, there is a risk of excess energy burning the LED. This will get worse if you live in an area with frequent spikes in voltage. A good way to know if a transformer is needed? You are to check if the halogen lamps have pins or pins to connect them to the circuit. Having a latch is asking for a new transformer, without a latch is not. But anyways, installing an LED driver doesn’t do any harm so we recommend that you do.
  • Durability: LEDs when in an incompatible device can shorten the inherent lifespan.

If you want to put LEDs in a halogen device then you should consider it carefully before deciding.

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Can I put a 60W LED bulb in a 40W socket?

Many people will think that it will be replaceable because they do not understand the lighting problem. When a 60W LED bulb is put into the socket 40W or What if you put a higher wattage bulb?

Using a bulb with too high power could lead to overheating of the bulb. This heat can melt the socket as well as the insulation of the wire. Once that happens, you run the risk of an arc fault, and this is something that could even lead to property fire. For example, insert a 60w or 100w bulb into an outlet with less than – 40W power, it will cause the bulb to burn quickly because the power cord cannot withstand the load. That is if you are lucky, otherwise, it can cause a fire or explosion.

A 60W LED can use as little as 8 W to operate. If your stationary unit is rated acceptable for 60 W consumption, you can rest assured to use 75W, 100W, or even 125W bulbs (all using less than 50 W) instead.

Can you use LED and incandescent bulbs in the same fixture?

What is your oldest product in technology? Is that a super old camera? Or is it an early music player? No, certainly not. Right now, take a look at your entire house and immediately pay attention to the lights. If you find them still using incandescent filaments (with tungsten filaments) then congratulations, you have a product with the oldest technology – because they were invented in 1904.

Currently, although incandescent lamps have been banned from use in many countries around the world, they still exist in this world. After being invented in 1904, many more modern lighting technologies were born. And LED lighting technology is one of them, LED lights have been developed since the 50s. In particular, with completely different technology but we still have LEDs with filament, through which we can completely imitate the classic style of incandescent lamps.

Using LED bulbs and incandescent bulbs in the same fixture will harm your LED because other bulbs increase the ambient temperature inside the fixture.

On average, LED bulbs use 84% less energy than incandescent bulbs to produce the same light efficiency. So not only do you save on electricity bills (more than 200 thousand per bulb per year at homes and more than 700 thousand per bulb per year at commercial stores). It is also important that you reduce the number of carbon emissions you release into the environment.

LED lamp life 25 times than incandescent. Incandescent bulbs have an average lifespan of 1,000 hours. Time to use at home is less than 1 year or about 2 months for commercial use. LED bulbs have a much longer lifespan with about 25,000 hours equivalent to about 23 years of home use, or 4 years of commercial use.

The combination of LEDs and other bulbs is not a good idea. For these reasons, you should buy all the LEDs in a fixture of the same brand as they will be rated for the same conditions and usage of the fixture.

Frequently asked questions

Placing an LED bulb in any device remains a few issues to be resolved. Please join us to answer a few questions below:

1. Do LED lights need a special switch?

The LED dimmer switch is also known as the Dimmer.

Dimmer is for turning on / off and adjusting the light mode of the light.

Dimmer’s principle of operation is based on the adjustment of resistance values. Change the resistance values ​​to change the amperage. Thus, the general model light intensity was adjusted.

Using a special switch for the LEDs is essential. By:

  • They allow adjusting the quality and light intensity of LEDs. Meet the needs of everyone.
  • They are used to ensure the correct voltage requirements for the lamps. At the same time, it helps to stabilize the power source and the life of the LED. The reason is that LED lights want to operate stably and long, the power source is a very important factor.
  • One note when installing a Dimmer system is that when installing a Dimmer for LED lamps, its capacity must be greater than the full capacity of the LEDs.

LED dimmer switch – Dimmer can be used for all LED lighting product line. But they are required to be high quality LED luminaires and the power supply used for that model must be a quality source

2. Can LED bulbs be used in outdoor fixtures?

In terms of initial investment costs, LEDs are now much more expensive than other products, the price measured in terms of price per lumen, due to the higher investment cost for LED technology than conventional lighting technologies. , combined with the cost of the drive circuit and the power supply … However, when considering the total cost of ownership (including the cost of energy and maintenance), LED lighting outstrips other light sources. . In December 2007, scientists at the University of Glasgow said they had found a way to make the Lamp brighter and use less energy than the existing energy-saving bulb on the market by using a method. efficiency and cost savings – using a process known as nanolithography.

In today’s life, light not only needs to be provided indoors but outdoor lighting is also very important. Thanks to the advent of LED technology, outdoor LEDs meet the needs of human use.

  • Outdoor LEDs generate less heat: Unlike traditional lamps, most of the electricity is converted into heat to produce light. LEDs with an extremely low amount of heat radiate the main source of energy turned into emitted light. Even if the lights are operated for hours, outdoor LED bulbs do not cause a feeling of heat.
  • Environmentally friendly: The outdoor LED light has an extremely long lifespan, which not only saves the user the need to change the bulb regularly but also contributes to reducing waste. In addition, the lamp is made of high-quality materials, not mercury or heavy metal, so it is extremely environmentally friendly.
  • Extremely long life: The life of the extremely high outdoor LED bulbs can be up to 50,000 hours equivalent to more than 20 years of use, 10 times higher than for conventional lamps.

Because of that, LEDs are increasingly used in outdoor equipment.

3. Can LED bulbs be used in fluorescent fixtures?

Differences between the two technologies can lead to undesirable effects.

A device called a ballast must be placed between the tube and the power supply. Because it is not possible to directly connect a fluorescent tube to the building’s power supply. There are many different types of ballasts, but in general, their purpose is to limit the current flowing into the fluorescent tube.

LED lights are another problem. Each LED tube or fixture is made up of many smaller LED elements, with electrical circuits that help the LED elements work together.

Look for “ballast compatible” LED bulbs, which means they can work with compatible ballasts already installed in your current luminaire.

This article has revolved around the problem of placing an LED bulb in regular fixtures. Hope that the above article also helps to partially answer your question. Please follow us through the following articles as well.

Top 5 Best Parkour Shoes You Should Know About

Parkour is not only a dangerous sport (climbing, running, swinging, jumping, vaulting…) but also a perfect choice for those who are fervent about discovering their body.

One of the most important conditions to keep up with these training activities is, you own the exact shoes. Professional Parkour shoes will deliver vital tools to improve your technique while keeping you safe.

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TakeFlight Stealth Ultra Parkour Shoes

If you are trying to find shoes that provide flexibility, comfort, and durability altogether, look nowhere except Take Flight parkour shoes.

BRAND Take Flight MODEL Steal Ultra 2.0




CATEGORY Parkour Shoes TYPE Unisex

TakeFlight shoes are well designed and provide almost everything traceur needs. From longevity to breathability, these shoes have a range of benefits to offer. They are crafted to help you get the clasp you need while tackling hard and uneven surfaces. It assists in providing a smooth and stable parkour experience, thus trainers can confidently drift on various surfaces and still avoid any risk of injury.

While running, the Take Flight shoes provide control, and thus, you can easily navigate. The shoe offers a firm grip that allows you to jump or run without any hesitation or fear.

Double Sole (Adjustable Cushioning)

Light Weight

Designed Perfectly to minute details

Expert Contributors

Use the Europen Scale

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Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Running Shoes

Onitsuka Tiger brand is actually one of the oldest in Japan and is well-known for its parkour shoes. Although it may not be as big as some of the other sporting giants out there, it has definitely made a mark by revolutionizing sports with technology-driven products. The Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Running Shoes have all the characteristics needed to make the sport fun and comfortable. As we all know, comfort and durability are everything in the world of sports today.

BRAND Onitsuka Tiger MODEL Ultimate 81-U




CATEGORY Parkour Shoes TYPE Unisex

The Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 also provides a superior grip to match the feel it allows. Many users report the grip actually improves over time as you begin to wear them in. As you do so, the shoe is also said to begin conforming to the outside of your foot, providing a snug fit unique to you.

Excellent Rubber Outsole For Great Gripping

Cushioned insole for added comfort and support

Available in 10 Different Colours


May Not Be Durable. The microfiber might not be as sturdy as other materials

Merrell Vapor Glove 3 Shoes

The Merrell Vapor Glove 3 is a zero-drop, nearly-barefoot road running shoe designed to deliver a full ground contact experience for daily training.

Design: As mentioned previously these shoes’ design could be a thing of beauty for parkour athletes. These shoes are a number of the closest to a barefoot feeling that I’ve encountered. With an integrated microfiber sole, you’ve got lots of comfort and cushion, while still supplying you with a sleek and minimalistic design. If you’re trying to find a light-weight and barefoot feel while training then this shoe is for you!

Grip: Extremely minimalistic but inherited the original design of Merrell for all of their shoes for trail running, these shoes even have an incredible amount of grid on both wet and dry surfaces.

EvolvCruzer Approach Shoes

EvolvCruzer Approach Shoes make a great transformation from a mountaineering brand into a parkour base on its great features: lightweight – about 1 pound and grip sole.

That shoe also was designed to be used without socks and it is extremely light as mentioned above and pretty thin. Their medium durability might be a minus point – about 1 year if you seem to practice parkour every day!

Feather light

Great for carrying on long multi-pitch routes

Smears well, great value

Poor durability

Very little foot support

Vibram Men’s Kso Trail shoes

Vibram is a new-born brand among some famous brands. However, this company made a nice shot as they focus on athletes and promote their product via this channel.

Easy to understand why Vibram Men’s KSO Trail shoes deliver tons of high-quality features:

– Comfortable fitting like a glove on your feet.

– Rubber sole for grip, a perfect match for both rocky and wet surface.

– Tech-applied materials: qualify rubber combines with three fabrics – Polyamide / Polyester / Hypalon.

– Smart design with separate slots for the toe.

Extra Guideline

Above we provide you Top 5 best parkour shoes ranked in 2020. And here are some more direct opinions of parkour shoe owners. Besides these main attractive features, I think reviews will help you to make the best decision and invest in the appropriate brand. The good shoes not only support you to develop your skills in parkour but also protect you from lots of unwanted injuries.

For any parkour activities, a grippy shoe is a high factor of success. As it will prevent slipping, provide adhesion on any kind of surfaces. The question is, which material can ensure this feature? Experts will tell you, it’s rubber. Rubber is the perfect material to produce parkour shoe soles. If the manufacturer applied capable technologies, you may get the real touch! That’s why you need to select a pair of shoes with a high-quality rubber sole.

Last but not least – the size of the shoes. It’s not fun if shoes drop out when making a move or if your feet hurt by your own tiny shoes.

What Is The Best Etiquette For Beginners In Golf?

Etiquette For Beginners In Golf

Golf is a sport that is highly appreciated for its delicacy and politeness. To get on well with this “luxurious” game, besides golfing techniques, it is essential to know the golf’s etiquette. So, what Is The Best Etiquette For Beginners In Golf? 

Do you find it hard to get the answer? Don’t worry! We are here to help. Let’s discover!

What is the best etiquette for beginners in golf?

The Best Etiquette Before The Game


For beginners, you may need a few canes irons (7, 8, 9), a driver, a Woods or Hybrids, and also a Putter and a technical cane (Wedge). In addition, for golf balls, you should buy ones at a reasonable price to avoid losing the ball while practicing Golf.


It would be best if you go for comfortable clothing. It can be a Collared polo shirt, full-length trousers with belt loops, Knee-length shorts, or skirt and dress for ladies, Soft spike golf shoes and Short ankle-height white socks.

You can wear golf shoes or sneakers. Besides, a golf glove, a cap, and sunglasses are good optional accessories.

The Best Etiquette During The Game

Keep silent

Golf is a genuinely tranquil game. It would be best if you were as peaceful as possible during somebody’s golf shot or while others are setting up to hit their ball (incorporates the training swings). This shows respect for yourself and others. Keep in mind that “Silent is Gold!”

Be early to your tee time

You had better arrive at the course before 20-30 minutes (your tee time) so that you can check-in, prepare necessary things and warm up.

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Golf cart

When you go toward the green on some random gap, consider where the following hole and park your handcart on that side of the green if possible. By that way, when you fall off the green, your cart is available, and you don’t waste your time traversing the green.

Ready for your turn

Line up your putt as others are putting but don’t distract others, and once their ball is rolling, get your show on the road down. Try not to let your friends wait for you since it makes them unpleasant and influences the fun moment. Be proactive and be consistently prepared for your turn.

No phone

What will happen if you disturb others with phone ringing or conversations on the phone? And even worse, you may focus on your phone without noticing your turn. So, better yet, don’t bother with your phone for full pleasure.

Let it “relax” in a certain corner such as your cart, or your pocket with the ringer off.

featured-Etiquette For Beginners In Golf

Control your mood

We know that the game is completely difficult. So, you don’t need to explain yourself to your partner about your play, no matter if it’s good or bad. Keep your head up and a grin all over. Take a little pride when you hit a superb shot, and ignore the terrible.

Don’t let anger or bad mood be your “boss” under any circumstance. Just enjoy yourself!

The Best Etiquette After The Round 

Shaking hands and saying thanks are golfers’ habit of expressing their gratitude to the player or the joy after the round. Even if you are in a bad mood, you should do it because it is the formal courtesy and a skillful refusal to stay for a drink.

Besides, it’s frequently customary to stay and have a beverage with the guys you play with after the round.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, each game has its particular rules, and Golf is a specific example. What Is The Best Etiquette For Beginners In Golf? You will become a good starter if you comprehend it and practice it well

We hope this article has provided you with useful information to help you have a great experience without being confused with this exciting sport. Good luck to you on your golf journey!

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